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Are You in Need of a Fake Doctor’s Note?

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fantastical doctors form noteSometimes the work days seem to drag out. And those school assignments, well they may just need a few more touches to make them just right, just a little more time is all you need. That is really all you need at times right? A little more time to yourself, a little more time to refocus on on those assignments, a little more time to recenter the soul. A little more time and then all will be well. That is it isn’t? All will be well but at this moment, “[cough, cough] I just don’t feel so well.”

If a little time off or a little extra time to finish up is all we are in need of why should we not seek the age old excuse of illness? Doctors send notes to work and schools that can help to ease the explanation of why you were absent or why you are unable to participate in a particular sport or event. However, who wants to really be sick?


So why not fake the cough and fake the doctor’s note? :)

Fake doctor’s notes can be found all over the internet, and we all deserve some relaxing time to ourselves, right? (Time to ourselves is critical, according to psychologists.)

Not all notes are the same, however, and if you are seeking to purchase an online doctors note you may need to review a few facts on the subject first.

1. Doctors typically only write doctor’s excuses for legitimate illness, most hospitals now will not even offer an excuse unless you are the patient or one of the parents that need to be present at the time of treatment. So visiting your sick friend in the hospital may not get you that oh so needed many vacation.


doc-note-cta2. Writing your own excuse, either on a stolen doctor’s pad or a typed copy, rarely works, and it can have potentially negative consequences included legal charges and court appearances for fraud.

3. Online sites that offer excuses should be reviewed before a purchase is made. Not all sites offer the same amenities. Some offer a dr excuse that may look legitimate at first glance but have odd quirks like obviously fictitious doctor signatures.

4. Your review of the site should include close examination of a previously marketed excuse. During this review it would be wise to ensure that the names of the clinic or medial facility are either amendable, local or at the very least do not stand out. If the clinic name stands out and is actually not located in your area it can be a dead give away that it is a fake.

5. You may also wish to ensure that the website offers a variety of fake doctor’s notes and a legitimate looking signature to prevent recognition and doubt.

6. Customer reviews are also a great way to discover if a doctor’s notes site is reliable. Previous customers often times will willingly boast about a site that has been extremely helpful to them in the past.

7. Buyer beware. If the site offers no samples or reviews from previous customers it is a good idea to either avoid them completely or do a little more research on the company that runs the site. Almost every fake doctor’s notes site offers a contact us section, and with this you may be able to request a sample to review.

8. Some sites offer more support should the clinic need to be called or you are uncertain of how to appear to effectively pull off the fake doctor’s note. After all it is unlikely that your boss will believe you broke your leg while helping your neighbor if you heeled in a week, right? (breaking a leg takes a long time to recover)

Hopefully these pointers will help you decide what is best for you when using a doctor’s note template. Always be safe online, only use trustworthy sites and follow the user agreements on any site that you use.


Houston, Texas
Renee is showing signs of viral gastroenteritis, please excuse her from work. She may return to work 5/6/15.

Patient Carlos Braya Lopez arrived in my office on May 6, 2015 after having complications with his allergies. I prescribed him an Antihistamine to take daily for seven days, 1 in the morning and 2 at night for the first two days and then 2 in the morning and 2 at night for the rest of the days. This Antihistamine tends to cause drowsiness with more than one intake.
I am writing this letter because my patient informed me that because of his medication, he missed an event that needs a valid excuse for his absence. If you have any information, please contact me via email or phone

Location: Melbourne, FL

I need a doctor’s excuse for my daughter, for school 5/7/15-5/8/15. She was sick with a fever and nausea. Her school is just now telling me that they want an excuse for her. Her name is the one stated above. Thanks.

05/20 woke up throwing up everywhere and i beleive i have the flu because my temp is 102 just wondering if yall could excuse me for 05/20 theres no way i can work to day around food and everything and i dont wont to call in because that makes me look bad

I need an excuse letter from work on 05/22/2015 I didn’t go because I told them my daughter had an accident.
I need it saying she got 5 stitches on her knee, and instructions of how to cure it.
She was at Saint Anthony hospital. Chicago, I’ll

Please and thank you!

I need an excuse letter for work from 05/22/2015. I didn’t go to work cause I said I was sick and went to the doctor’s. I went to Health Center Six at 321 w Girard ave Philadelphia PA 19123 Please and Thank You

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krysta munro seen at mercy medical center emergency room on 6/9/15 in Williston north Dakota have a strained abdominal muscle needs rest until pain subsides and apply cold pack as needed, return to work 6/10/15 – 6/11/15 take work easy because could worsen if activity is to strenuous resulting in re rupture of the abdominal muscle.

Needs a Dr’s note from Edmond,
((((INTEGRIS Family Care Coffee Creek in Edmond, OK
2916 N. Kelly Ave., Edmond, OK 73003 | 405-715-5300)))
Oklahoma for Strep throat from 6/8/15 to 6/10/15 with a fever exceeding 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Please!

christina tomattis need a doctors note for yesterday wednesday june 10,2015
doctor john milne

5333 N. Dixie Hwy. Ste. 204
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334
ive had an upper respitory infection 6/9-6/10/2015, going back to work today thursday june 11,2015 at 4 pm

Hi my name is joi loney i was suffering from a swollen ankle that made it impossible to stand at work i was put on bed rest on 6/20/2015 to 6/21/2015 i returned to work and had another flair up which was worst than the first and was put back on bed rest from 6/26/2015 to 6/28/2015 i went to grady memorial hospital in atlanta,ga ….80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30303 phone number 404-616-4861

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