Tricks For Handing in a Fake Doctor’s Note Template

A doctor's note template can free you from anything.
A doctor’s note template can free you from anything.

Handing in a legit-looking fake doctor’s note sounds easy, but there are all sorts of little ways you can mess it up. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, and to use every trick in the book to make sure that your boss, teacher, or miscellaneous authority figure accepts your excuse without question. Once you acquire a doctor’s note, or use a doctor’s note template to create your own, then you should consider the following:

 These doctor’s note template tricks include:

– Submit the note electronically (if possible)
– Try and use the note during a regular cold season
– Don’t use the notes too often
– Don’t try to make them yourself (without a template)
Why Not Just Hand The Note Over?
Sometimes you have to hand your sick note in by hand, but if you can avoid that you should. It’s possible you’ve got a good enough poker face (here’s how to have a good one) to turn in a fake note, or that your boss or professor just doesn’t care whether or not the note is genuine, but there’s no reason to take the risk of getting caught because you couldn’t meet someone’s eyes or you stuttered at the wrong moment. If you email the note though there’s nothing to give you away because all your superior has to go on is the text you send.
Camouflage Your Excuse
One of the biggest reasons you get caught is because you get sick “out of nowhere.” If it’s toward the end of the school year and the weather’s turning warm it won’t be a good time to try and get away with a fake note. On the other hand though, if there’s a flu bug going around the office then it seems a lot more plausible that you’d have it as well (the flu is bigger than ever, especially in India). Even more though, if you suggest that you have something that could be contagious it just makes good sense for you not to bring it to work to spread it around.
Few and Far Between
One of the biggest (and most obvious) ways to get away with using a doctor’s note template to use it sparingly. It’s like how you can sometimes get out of going to a date night by claiming you have a migraine, but if you use that excuse too often pretty soon your significant other is going to suspect your honesty. So if you’re going to use a template to get out of your commitments for work or class, make sure that it’s really important, and that you haven’t used a note in the near past. You don’t want to stand out as the employee who always has a note.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Making your own doctor’s medical excuse is a tricky art. You can’t just slap a bunch of medical jargon into a word document, print it out, hand it in and expect it to be accepted without question. If you don’t know what a doctor’s note is supposed to look like, specifically what layout the document is supposed to have, then what you need is a template to design your own excuse.

An excuse template is a cheap way to get believable-looking excuses without breaking a sweat or the bank. As long as you remember to fill the excuse out properly, then you shouldn’t have any problems using them to get a little breathing room every now and again.

Just remember not to sign the note in your own handwriting. If you’re filling out paperwork all day then your boss is going to know what your letters look like. Get someone, anyone, else to sign the note is you need to have a signature on it. Your roommate, best friend, trusted sibling, anyone will do as long as it’s believable.

I wish you my very best in finding a doctor’s note template. Just believe in yourself.  I recommend for best results.



186 thoughts on “Tricks For Handing in a Fake Doctor’s Note Template

  1. Tabari Grubbs, Hobbs, New Mexico, condition stomach virus and light temperature. Please excuse him from work on the June 9, 2015. Needs lots of rest!

  2. need a doctors note for daughter by tomorrow morning, for May 4th 10:30 AM, cold or strip-throat.

  3. 7/14/15
    Daniel may return to work with no restrictions. He was in a minor car accident and is able to return to work without restrictions.

  4. /Dennisha Jackson was in Memorial Emergency department on 07/19/2015…

  5. daniel has came to visit his cousin in witchita hospital and will be excused from work on July the 29th 2015. and will return on july 30th 2015

  6. i need a doctors note stating: I took my Father Stephen Miller to the ER on the dates of July 25th and July 26th, at Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa.

  7. I need a doctor notes for work was in hospital considering high temperature of 101 with vomiting on Sunday won’t be returning on Tuesday 08/25/15

  8. I need doctors note saying I was sick an on medication for 2 days for the dates 09/06/201 & 09/07/2015 plz an thank u

  9. Theodore was seen today in my office at Scripps Ximed. Further testing of the kidneys and diabetes endocrine will take place at a later scheduled appointment.

    Excused -Dr. Daniel Einhorn

  10. Went to the ER for severe leg and back pain. had an infection in my leg and missed work. I need a doctor’s note asap. ;~;
    9/30/2015 For somewhere in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

  11. Melissa suffers from bone degeneration in her right shoulder and neck due to previous injuries. To help alleviate the chronic pain that she suffers, I recommend that she should use an ergonomic chair that provides back and neck support.

  12. Frisco, Tx
    I need a doctors note by sunday, I have a stomach virus and can’t return to work until Sunday October 4th

  13. Need a note to say to the electic co that they cant shut off the power because michelle uses a machine because she has sleep napea

  14. k that is getting desperate….suck it up just go to school or work you don’t need a doctors note

  15. i need a note saying that i was admitted at hospital for last 3days due to blood reduce in body and having vomitting

  16. Need a doctor note for missing work for Oct 23 2015 have a really bad cold , coughing etc. I work around food..
    …Doctor :Hannah Fitch
    Address: Wilson Park Medical Center /
    2520 Snyder Ave Philadelphia PA 19145

  17. Need a doctors note for the date 10/29/15 for Faith Abernathy, sick and vomiting, return to work on 11/1/15. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  18. Rae was seen in office Monday Nov. 2nd w/ a high fever. Advised to rest – ok to return on Nov. 3.

  19. Need a note for work saying i went to my doctors from 11-21-2015 and can return 11-22-2015. From stomach problems.

  20. I need a doctor’s note for lower back pain and excuse off of work until December 7th with a follow up appointment for December 8th

  21. Calvin, w/ a high fever,please excuse him from work on the 4th and 7th of December

    British Columbia, canada , vancouver

  22. I need a Dr’s Excuse from 12/18/15- 12/25/15. I put in to have the time off and it wasn’t approved. I just had a hysterectomy in August, and have been feeling a little fatigued. I also have diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Thank you.

  23. I need a doctors note for anomina. Saying I went to the doctors on Dec 9 and wont be returning till Dec 10. Thanks

  24. Need a Doctor’s certificate saying i am sick with fever on 28th October 2015 and needs proper medication and rest.

    Email to akhilrangaraju@gmail,com

  25. I need a doctors note dated from the 22nd-23rd stating that i had the stomach flu and had to be excused from work asap please and thank you

  26. I need a doctors note. In Miami fl. Saying I got food poisoning. I need it to say I am excused on 1/2/16

  27. Need an excuse for medical biopsy on 01/04/2016.. Needs to be excused until 01/06/2016… In Atlanta, GA from Women’s Healthcare Network.

  28. Please write me a doctors note. Arboretum Urgent Care. My name is Collin Mitchell. Symptoms are Sore Throat and Congestion. Dated 1/4/2015

  29. Need a doctor’s note. Checked in on sunday January 3rd at kaiser hospital at 6:44 a.m due to shortness of breath. Santa clara , CA .

  30. I need a doctor’s excuse that says I took my mom to her colonoscopy appointment on Dec 28. 2015. (I think that was a monday) I even have the number it needs to be faxed to.

  31. I need a doctors note stating I have bed rest from jan. 8 to jan 11 due to stomach virus and ear infection. resume to work jan. 12

  32. San diego, California
    Mr.Mazuera is showing signs of viral gastroenteritis, please excuse him from work. He may return to work 1/12/16.

  33. I need a doctors note to return to work on Sunday January 16, 2016 after a back spasms

  34. Hollywood,FL
    I need a doctor’s note excusing me from work stating that I had the flu for the days of Jan.15 – Jan.17

  35. Dallas, TX, childrens hospital, my child was in hospital, i need doctors note for mon, jan 18 2016

  36. I need a note saying on 1/28/16, my grandma was in the hospital and I was there to visit her

  37. I need a note for work saying my grandmother was in the hospital on Jan. 29, 2016
    River Rouge, Mi

  38. I need a doctors note saying I was at 212 east 106th street settlement health on 1/29/16 due to symptoms of the flu and a high fever please excuse her from working on 1/28/16 & 1/29/16 .

  39. I need a drs note excusing me from work for 1/30-1/31 for having the flu and i can return to work on 2/2 have the note dated 2/1

  40. I need a Doctors for work. I have a very bad liver. I also have very bad habits. my liver has been giving me serious problems lately and the last time I saw the doctor he told me I better stop with these bad habits or it will cost me everything. so I’ve taken some time from work to kick my nasty and bad habit (there’s no way I could have done it while going to work everyday) and I was hoping to return to work this next Monday. My boss will not allow me to return without a doctors note. Is there any way you could please help. If I were to lose my job I don’t know how my family is going to survive. I’ve completely kicked the habit and if I lose my job I’m going to regret doing so. Please help a struggling yet determined father if you could please find it in your heart my family and myself would be forever grateful. Thank you for your time. I do hope to hear back from you soon.

  41. I need a note by Wednesday! I have a slight stress fracture in my 1st metatarsal bone in my right foot, along with a severe contusion (bruise) and must use compression/support wraps for the next two months, must ice before phisical activities

  42. Chicago

    Kathleen returns to work no sooner than 2/8/16, signs of strep throat and can be contagious

  43. Daisy Gonzalez
    Was seen on February 8,2015 due to a head injury please excuse her will be able to return to work on February 9, 2016

  44. I need a Doctors note from Swedish American hospital 5665 N. Junction way, Davis junction Illinois. Saying I have a rash on my legs. Excusing me from work 2-11-16, please and thank you

  45. I need a doctors note for school from Guilford Immediate Care 1250 Jesse Jewell Pkwy SE, Unit 300, Gainesville, GA 30501, United States. That states that I am excused from February 17-24 due to a kidney infection.

  46. I need a doctor note excusing me from Feb 18-25th due to head cold strep throat and sinus infection!! And I am to return to work Feb 29th

  47. I need a doctors note saying I was in a minor car accident injuried my lower back and I can go back to work

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  49. Need a doctors note for my daughter Star she was absent march 21-25 she had a respertory illness

  50. i need a school note for my daughter julianna absent april 4 qnd the 7th she had doctors appointments

  51. I need a doctors note stating: Keenen missed work since 4/14/16 until 4/22/16 due to grieving the loss of his grandmother.

  52. I need a note for 4-27-16 saying I went to the hospital and can come back to work with no restrictions.

  53. 4343 N Josey Ln
    Carrollton, TX 75010-4603
    United States
    Baylor medical center
    Need doctors note
    Visit date- April 29th
    I have food poisoning

  54. I need a doctors note saying I wasn’t in school because I had a check up

  55. Need a dr.s note missed Friday may 6 2016 due to accompanying my mother for chemo treatment

  56. I need a note saying Rachel Howe missed Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, at 1:30 for a check up

  57. I need an excuse for June 20 through June 24, returning to work on June 27. I’m out with a back injury

  58. I missed work due to restless leg syndrome i couls not walk i need a release form for a few days.

  59. I need a doctors note for Eye Infection. I only need it to cover todays date and return to work tromorrow. Serious Emergency

  60. Anna Ray was seen 07/08/2016 She is being excused for the follow days 07/08/2016 to 07/11/2016

  61. Hello I need a doctor’s note for my vertigo I suffer from that prevents me from working from 12/18/2015-12/2016

  62. Hi need a doctors note saying I have diharrhea due to food poisoning excusing me from work today.

  63. Hi, I’m needing a Dr note for 8/31 and 9/1 will return on 9/2. Due to scabies. Thank you!

  64. Hi. I need a doctor’s note excusing me from work from 9/7/16 to 9/9/16 returning to work on 9/12.

  65. Need a doctor’s note excusing me from work from 9/16 through 9/18 for strep throat
    St. Charles Missouri (MO) thanks

  66. I need a doctors note excusing me from work on 9/16/16 due to an abcest tooth. And I need it for tommorow morning please

  67. Informative comments – I loved the analysis ! Does someone know if my company could possibly access a template FMSD Doctor/Dentist/Professional Excused Absence version to complete ?

  68. I’m so desperate.
    My note should say
    Eric R. Montgomery should be excused from work from 10/21/16-10/23/16
    He can return on 10/24/16

  69. I need a doctors note excusing me from work today 11/11/16 for the stomach flu I can return 11-14-16

  70. i need a dentist slip for my son christopher rose for november 2nd 2016 for school or he will loose his credits. thank you. dentist office can be Kool smiles or Dr Roberts columbus Ga

  71. I need a doctor note, I told my employer I went to the hospital but in reality my car broke down in the freeway

  72. I need an intermountain healthcare note for February 2nd. I told my boss i slipped in the shower and hit my head, and blacked out.

  73. Need a note for eye infection.dated back from 02/06/17.
    Note needs to have an eye Bradenton,FL
    Which states me not being around other for up to a week plz and thanks

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