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Tricks For Handing in a Fake Doctor’s Note Template

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55Handing in a legit-looking fake doctor’s note sounds easy, but there are all sorts of little ways you can mess it up. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, and to use every trick in the book to make sure that your boss, teacher, or miscellaneous authority figure accepts your excuse without question. Once you acquire a doctor’s note, or use a doctor’s note template to create your own, then you should consider the following:

These doctors note template tricks include:

– Submit the note electronically (if possible)
– Try and use the note during a regular cold season
– Don’t use the notes too often
– Don’t try to make them yourself (without a template)
Why Not Just Hand The Note Over?
Sometimes you have to hand your sick note in by hand, but if you can avoid that you should. It’s possible you’ve got a good enough poker face (here’s how to have a good one) to turn in a fake note, or that your boss or professor just doesn’t care whether or not the note is genuine, but there’s no reason to take the risk of getting caught because you couldn’t meet someone’s eyes or you stuttered at the wrong moment. If you email the note though there’s nothing to give you away because all your superior has to go on is the text you send.
Camouflage Your Excuse

One of the biggest reasons you get caught is because you get sick “out of nowhere.” If it’s toward the end of the school year and the weather’s turning warm it won’t be a good time to try and get away with a fake note. On the other hand though, if there’s a flu bug going around the office then it seems a lot more plausible that you’d have it as well (the flu is bigger than ever, especially in India). Even more though, if you suggest that you have something that could be contagious it just makes good sense for you not to bring it to work to spread it around.
Few and Far Between
One of the biggest (and most obvious) ways to get away with using doctor’s note templates to use them sparingly. It’s like how you can sometimes get out of going to a date night by claiming you have a migraine, but if you use that excuse too often pretty soon your significant other is going to suspect your honesty. So if you’re going to use a template to get out of your commitments for work or class, make sure that it’s really important, and that you haven’t used a note in the near past. You don’t want to stand out as the employee who always has a note.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Making your own doctor’s medical excuse is a tricky art. You can’t just slap a bunch of medical jargon into a word document, print it out, hand it in and expect it to be accepted without question. If you don’t know what a doctor’s note is supposed to look like, specifically what layout the document is supposed to have, then what you need is a template to design your own excuse.

An excuse template is a cheap way to get believable-looking excuses without breaking a sweat or the bank. As long as you remember to fill the excuse out properly, then you shouldn’t have any problems using them to get a little breathing room every now and again.

Just remember not to sign the note in your own handwriting. If you’re filling out paperwork all day then your boss is going to know what your letters look like. Get someone, anyone, else to sign the note is you need to have a signature on it. Your roommate, best friend, trusted sibling, anyone will do as long as it’s believable.

I wish you my very best in finding doctor’s note templates. Just believe in yourself.  I recommend for best results.




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