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Doctors Excuse – A Few Top Secret Tips

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dr excuse medical documentsA time will come in your life when you will need to use a doctor’s excuse note or other types of doctor’s excuses. You may have another obligation that conflicts with your job, but you may need to keep that obligation a secret. You might not have the heart to tell someone that you do not wish to see him or her. Using doctor’s excuses is the perfect way to let that person know without hurting his or her feelings.

Another reason you may want to obtain an excuse is to get out of a family obligation or a meeting that you vehemently do not want to attend. A downloadable doctor’s note can help with a wide variety of uncomfortable situations.

You see, sometimes, saying that you are sick is simply not enough. You need a potent note that your higher-ups will not question. An emergency room note conveys the message that you were in a crisis, and you may have gone to the emergency room to save your own life. Emergency room notes are some of the best medical notes you can use. They can help to get you out of work, school, and undesired meetings.

Here are a couple more examples of doctor’s excuses:

Oral Surgery Doctors Excuse

Dental pain is some of the worst pain a person can have. Many oral surgery procedures require a patient to have several days of rest and medication before he or she returns to work or school. Such a note can give you that three-day vacation that you need from your mundane job or your stressful college classes. The person who sees the note will most likely sympathize with you because that person will remember a time when a dentist operated on his or her mouth.



The Classic Medical Physician’s Excuse

The classic medical excuse is the evasive note that either avoids a diagnosis or simply states the dates that you are excused. This note is best if you have co-workers and managers who gossip. The classic medical excuse is enough to get out of work or school. Neither your employer nor your teacher can legally ask you for a diagnosis. Therefore, the classic medical excuse is still widely used by the professional note creators. Many people still use this as their primary source of last-minute doctor’s excuses.

The Mental Health Note

The mental health note is always fun to use for work because people do not know how to react to it. You will definitely be excused, but you may have to deal with some strange looks. However, your co-workers may just treat you extra nice for a few days after you come back from your mental health break. You can edit your doctor’s excuse to say something specific such as a mental health diagnosis (here are a few examples). Alternatively, you can leave the note as a general mental health note to add an element of mystique. The choice is yours.

The Cardiologist Note

The cardiologist doctor’s excuse is a note that has a great deal of sympathy power (getting sympathy can be easy). Not only can you use this fake doctors note to get out of work, but also you can use it if you want to request less laborious work. Employers have to look out for people with bad hearts. Therefore, you could get a large amount of use from this special note.

How to Get a Free Fake Excuse

You can download a doctor’s note for free from BestFakeDoctorsNotes. The company has the most authentic looking note in the industry. You will have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with any note that you purchase through the site. Also feel free to check out our doctors note template page. If you need some of the best excuses I’ve ever seen, go to

You might also want to go here to read about doctor’s note templates.


hi there

I need a emergency room note from getting out of work an hour early please ASAP

I broke 2 ribs and then went to work. I was in a lot of pain. I still went to work. The pain slowly subsided and my ribs healed and I do not need a note.

I ruptured my Achilles tendon on a Sunday (Yes, I knew what I did immediately), and I went to work on Monday. I had an MRI to confirm the damage (after work) and had surgery 5 days after the injury on a Friday afternoon after working Friday morning. I was on vacation the next week and went back to work on the following Monday. I worked a modified schedule with activities conducive to my level of convalescence. I had no complications. I did not bother my doctor about pain medication and did everything he told me to do. I healed fine and did not need a note.

The last time I called in sick was in 1986 so I never needed a note.

Stop calling in sick and work hard……hard work is what built this country…….not sick notes………………..

I am in need of a doctors note stating that I was at Akron Children’s hospital in Akron, ohio or Mercy in Canton, ohio visiting my nephew on 7/8/2015, 7/9/2015, and 7/10/2015. Please, please, please! I haven’t had a day off in over a year! My boss is a modern day Hitler.

I need a excuse from work on September.21 to September 22 due to my husband having his right arm removed. I need by tomorrow to return to work (Sept.23,2015)
He was in St. Anthony’s Hospital 10010 Kennerly Saint Louis Mo 63128. I need the note and my name is Julie Garrison but I do need his name on the form. He is currently in the Hospital… ASAP if Possible

I need a emergency room note for Monday Sept. 21st 2015 If could maybe around 10am … I need it for upper respiratory infection, possibly due to tonsils, I need this asap i have a probation meeting tomorrow.. Please help me!! Any info you you need i can give you.. My name is Heather Gregg B/D is 05/14/84 Please help.. My email address is

i need a dr. diagnose saying that i came to his office on August,7 2015 complaining about left shoulder pain and left knee pain. he examined me and said that my left arm was swollen and scraped and bruised. he perscribed anti inflammatories and pain medication and advised me to get PT for 12 weeks @ 3x a week.

email address is

I was shocked at work on Monday Nov 23 and they sent me home and gave me two days paid off work. I didn’t bother going to the doctor but I need a release to work note for my second job and a doctors excuse for school from Nov. 23-35 2015.

Hello my name is Brandon Fincher I had a stomach bug Friday January 8 2016 but couldn’t afford to be seen… need a excuse for work for just that day I live in Amarillo Texas

Need a excuse later by tonight for yesterday’s date 01/10/16 . Have to email it to my boss by 10pm tonight please help …

Need doctors note for visiting father in the hospital. Out of state student that had to leave town for a family medical emergency. Illness is failed seizure from a failing kidney. Has been issue in past. Anything in Virginia or North Carolina.

I need a orthopedic doctors excuse to excuse me from working as a Server at the beach. I’ve Had 4 surgeries on my left leg due to broken fémur (twice). I receive pain when overworked and serving at the beach is New, this is not the job I applied for.


I need a doctors excuse for my thyroid illness that has lead to a fever over 102. Admitted to the er on 22 March at 11 pm. and needs to be excused from work till 25 March. It does not have to have all of this information, but this is what was told to my employer.

I need several excuse note …
first fake reason for Feb 17th for college visit, name of college is University of Georgia
Second fake reason is 3/28 and 3/29 that I had a pink eye.

I live in Cumming Georgia 30040

plzzz help me ASAP

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Mariah Chaulet needs a doctor’s excuse for having a doctor’s appointment on 5/9/16 and was able to return to school the same day.

She was late to school and needs to have the tardy excised so she doesn’t miss out on her end of the year activities.

I need a emergency room doctors note from the hospital of central connecticut. I told my boss I had a seizure while driving and got into a car accident. I went a little extreme because I didnt contact him for over 24 hours and now I feel terrible about it and this note depends on keeping my job. It would need to state I was treated Monday 6/13/15 a little after 8 o’clock, closer to 8:30. I was released the next day around 7:30.

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