Are You in Need of a Fake Doctors Note?

A fake doctor's note.
A fake doctor’s note.

The almighty doctor’s note. Sometimes the work days seem to drag out. And those school assignments, well they may just need a few more touches to make them just right, just a little more time is all you need. That is really all you need at times right? A little more time to yourself, a little more time to refocus on those assignments, a little more time to recenter the soul. A little more time and then all will be well. That is it isn’t? All will be well but at this moment, “[cough, cough] I just don’t feel so well.” 

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So why not fake the cough and use a fake doctor’s note? 🙂

Fake doctor’s notes can be found all over the internet, and we all deserve some relaxing time to ourselves, right? (Time to ourselves is critical, according to psychologists.)


5 Not all notes are the same, however, and if you are seeking to purchase an online doctor’s note you may need to review a few facts on the subject first. Below is a list of pointers you should be aware of in order to completely fool your employer and not the other way around.

1. Doctors typically only write doctor’s excuses for legitimate illness, most hospitals now will not even offer an excuse unless you are the patient or one of the parents that need to be present at the time of treatment. So visiting your sick friend in the hospital may not get you that oh so needed many vacations.


doc-note-cta2. Writing your own excuse, either on a stolen doctor’s pad or a typed copy, rarely works, and it can have potentially negative consequences included legal charges and court appearances for fraud.



3. Online sites that offer excuses should be reviewed before a purchase is made. Not all sites offer the same amenities. Some offer a dr excuse that may look legitimate at first glance but have odd quirks like obviously fictitious doctor signatures. NEVER use a free note found on the internet.

4. Your review of the site should include close examination of a previously marketed excuse. During this review it would be wise to ensure that the names of the clinic or medical facility are either amendable, local or at the very least do not stand out. If the clinic name stands out and is actually not located in your area it can be a dead give away that it is a fake.

5. You may also wish to ensure that the website offers a variety of fake doctor’s notes and a legitimate looking signature to prevent recognition and doubt. Being absent with only one sick reason every time could result to other major concerns.

6. Customer reviews are also a great way to discover if a doctor’s notes site is reliable. Previous customers often times will willingly boast about a site that has been extremely helpful to them in the past. You will learn the proper ways of using fake doctor’s note through the experience of previous users.

7. Buyer beware. If the site offers no samples or reviews from previous customers it is a good idea to either avoid them completely or do a little more research on the company that runs the site. Almost every fake doctor’s notes site offers a contact us section, and with this you may be able to request a sample to review.

8. Some sites offer more support should the clinic need to be called or you are uncertain of how to appear to effectively pull off the fake doctor’s note. After all it is unlikely that your boss will believe you broke your leg while helping your neighbor if you heeled in a week, right? (breaking a leg takes a long time to recover)

Hopefully, these pointers will help you decide what is best for you when using a doctor’s note template. Always be safe online, only use trustworthy sites and follow the user agreements on any site that you use. I wish you the very best of luck my friend.


A doctor's note template can free you from anything.
A doctor’s note template can free you from anything.

Handing in a legit-looking fake doctor’s note sounds easy, but there are all sorts of little ways you can mess it up. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, and to use every trick in the book to make sure that your boss, teacher, or miscellaneous authority figure accepts your excuse without question. Once you acquire a doctor’s note, or use a doctor’s note template to create your own, then you should consider the following:

 These doctor’s note template tricks include:

– Submit the note electronically (if possible)
– Try and use the note during a regular cold season
– Don’t use the notes too often
– Don’t try to make them yourself (without a template)
Why Not Just Hand The Note Over?
Sometimes you have to hand your sick note in by hand, but if you can avoid that you should. It’s possible you’ve got a good enough poker face (here’s how to have a good one) to turn in a fake note, or that your boss or professor just doesn’t care whether or not the note is genuine, but there’s no reason to take the risk of getting caught because you couldn’t meet someone’s eyes or you stuttered at the wrong moment. If you email the note though there’s nothing to give you away because all your superior has to go on is the text you send.
Camouflage Your Excuse
One of the biggest reasons you get caught is because you get sick “out of nowhere.” If it’s toward the end of the school year and the weather’s turning warm it won’t be a good time to try and get away with a fake note. On the other hand though, if there’s a flu bug going around the office then it seems a lot more plausible that you’d have it as well (the flu is bigger than ever, especially in India). Even more though, if you suggest that you have something that could be contagious it just makes good sense for you not to bring it to work to spread it around.
Few and Far Between
One of the biggest (and most obvious) ways to get away with using a doctor’s note template to use it sparingly. It’s like how you can sometimes get out of going to a date night by claiming you have a migraine, but if you use that excuse too often pretty soon your significant other is going to suspect your honesty. So if you’re going to use a template to get out of your commitments for work or class, make sure that it’s really important, and that you haven’t used a note in the near past. You don’t want to stand out as the employee who always has a note.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Making your own doctor’s medical excuse is a tricky art. You can’t just slap a bunch of medical jargon into a word document, print it out, hand it in and expect it to be accepted without question. If you don’t know what a doctor’s note is supposed to look like, specifically what layout the document is supposed to have, then what you need is a template to design your own excuse.

An excuse template is a cheap way to get believable-looking excuses without breaking a sweat or the bank. As long as you remember to fill the excuse out properly, then you shouldn’t have any problems using them to get a little breathing room every now and again.

Just remember not to sign the note in your own handwriting. If you’re filling out paperwork all day then your boss is going to know what your letters look like. Get someone, anyone, else to sign the note is you need to have a signature on it. Your roommate, best friend, trusted sibling, anyone will do as long as it’s believable.

I wish you my very best in finding a doctor’s note template. Just believe in yourself.  I recommend for best results.



3,094 thoughts on “Are You in Need of a Fake Doctors Note?

  1. Houston, Texas
    Renee is showing signs of viral gastroenteritis, please excuse her from work. She may return to work 5/6/15.

  2. Gloria stomach ulcer, excuse from work may 2-5,2015. She may return to work with no limitations

  3. Was checking out her ankle. She is clear to play sports. She had to miss school on May 7, 2015.

  4. suffering from a throat infection. thats the reason for missing work on 05/05/2015.

  5. Her thyroid problem was very severe need to have rest and a certain amount of medication will be missing work will be able to return on 05/26 2015

  6. Excuse absent due to medical treatment 5/7/15 – 5/11/15 she will return back to work on monday.

  7. Shelby was here over night at the hospital with her dad. She is excused from work.

  8. I need a doctors note for 4-23-15/4-24-15 saying I had an appt. on those days and What time

  9. Tiffany Terry 05/08/15 went to urgent care for vomiting. is okay to go bk to work asap

  10. Its really a great and useful piece of information. Im glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing. efkdkeefdkfd

  11. 5/08/2015 Was seen and evaluated for complications with medications. Cleared to resume normal duties

  12. Janine had pneumonia please excuse her from school the following days 5/6/15, 5/7/15, and 5/11/15

  13. Have vertigo and inner ear infection. Please excuse for Monday. May 11 2015

  14. May 11th, 2015 time 12:47pm mountain time, Maybe Swedish Hospital in Denver, co. Fever 101.7, lower abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhea. Excuse from work for the day

  15. I have mild phnemonia, bronchitis or something in relation to a non stop cough that i have had for several weeks. and sharp pains at the tp of my belly. missed work on may 8th and 9th i am in socorro, nm 87801

  16. Food poisoning will not stop throwing up, she will be able to attend work in her next day. 5/15/15

  17. Katie Meadows was seen in our office today, 5/12/2015, with symptoms of vomitimg and a high fever. Mother was given take home instructions. Katie may return back to work/school 5/14/2015.

  18. Patient Carlos Braya Lopez arrived in my office on May 6, 2015 after having complications with his allergies. I prescribed him an Antihistamine to take daily for seven days, 1 in the morning and 2 at night for the first two days and then 2 in the morning and 2 at night for the rest of the days. This Antihistamine tends to cause drowsiness with more than one intake.
    I am writing this letter because my patient informed me that because of his medication, he missed an event that needs a valid excuse for his absence. If you have any information, please contact me via email or phone

  19. I need a doctors excuse for 05/12 -05/13 2015. Stating that my wife was seen at any drs office in tampa fl.

  20. I need fo terrible headache and fever from the 16/05/2015 to 18/05/2015

  21. Excuse from work due to illness 5/16 to 5/17
    Location grand haven Michigan

  22. Location: Harker Heights, TX
    Please excuse Emily from work on 5/16/2015, she was feeling sick due to food poisoning.

  23. Location: Battle Creek, MI
    Please excuse Taylor from work on 5/16/2015 due to her feeling nauseous and dizzy after giving blood today.

  24. Location: Melbourne, FL

    I need a doctor’s excuse for my daughter, for school 5/7/15-5/8/15. She was sick with a fever and nausea. Her school is just now telling me that they want an excuse for her. Her name is the one stated above. Thanks.

  25. I need a doctors note for the date of May 17. I was in a car wreck and now my job wants proof I got checked out and released

  26. I need a doctores note for the week of 5/11 to 5/15 or untill my shingals are gone.

  27. I desperately need a note from the 4/21-5/5 for having pneumonia. I live here in norman ok Halp

  28. Katelyn had an ovarian cyst rupture and is excused from work from 5/15/2015-5/17/2015.

  29. Please excuse stephan from work on 5/15/15-5/19/15..due throwing up and. A slight fever sore throat

  30. 05/20 woke up throwing up everywhere and i beleive i have the flu because my temp is 102 just wondering if yall could excuse me for 05/20 theres no way i can work to day around food and everything and i dont wont to call in because that makes me look bad

  31. Strong Migraine headaches and vomit. She was in my Office on May 15th, 2015 and will be off of work from May 14th to May 19th, 2015

  32. Houston TX
    Janine came in after vomiting at school due to an issue with her medication. Please excuse her absence.

  33. has the viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu) excuse absence on may 20 and 21 2015

  34. I’ll e going to lakes medical clinic Wasilla ak to see dr layman for an infected upper lip. Shouldn’t work until swelling is gone there number is 9073570820

  35. Has been in the hospital all night with his fiancé as of 5/21/2015 due to car accident

  36. Dallas Guerra sore throat and coughing eyes slightly red and puffy 5/20/15 No pink eye may return to school on 5/21/15

    Lubbock TX

  37. I was sick from my apendixs and cause of medication I needed to take a day off work on 5/21/15. Ok to return to work on 5/22/15.

  38. I was ammited to the hospital for a misscarge and i will be out from 5/17 to 5/25

  39. I sprained my little toe very badly wanna bang did in the wall in the kitchen at my house I couldn’t the doctor to meet to be off my feet for a week

  40. could you excuse me from school for 02/05/2015-02/06/2015 i had strept throat and could not go to school. I also need an excuse for 04/08/2015-04/08/2015, I had the stomach flu.

  41. Tulsa Oklahoma strep throat excused from friday may 22nd until the 25th or without fever

  42. Went for a visit to the gynecologist on Friday , May 22nd 2015. For check up and testing.

  43. Was hospitalized 05/18/15 through 05/23/15 at FirstHeath Hoke Community Hospital 6408 Fayetteville Rd, Raeford, NC 28376

  44. Jasmine Vega was seen today for her implant pains no heavy duty for 2days .

  45. Myesha was seen today 5/23/15, diagnosed with strep throat she may return to work 5/25/15

  46. I need an excuse letter from work on 05/22/2015 I didn’t go because I told them my daughter had an accident.
    I need it saying she got 5 stitches on her knee, and instructions of how to cure it.
    She was at Saint Anthony hospital. Chicago, I’ll

    Please and thank you!

  47. I need an excuse letter for work from 05/22/2015. I didn’t go to work cause I said I was sick and went to the doctor’s. I went to Health Center Six at 321 w Girard ave Philadelphia PA 19123 Please and Thank You

  48. I need a doctors note for throwing up blood on 5/16/2015 at 12362 beach blvd #10 Stanton ca, 90680

    Name Is Shatana Naylor

  49. Please excuse Erica from work 5/24 to 5/25 due to a high temperature and abnormal bleeding. Will return to work on 5/26.

  50. Child has slight fever and obvious signs of what appears to be limpentigo.

  51. William was attending to his mother in the hospital please excuse him from the days he has missed

  52. Tiffany Griego needs a doctors note for the days of may the 25 to may the 27. She pregnant so that can be used in it. Columbia Missouri.

  53. Orlando florida, excused 5/26/2015 for a sprained ankle (I actually have one) for Emma Hoden, for school

  54. excused from work 5/24/15 – 5/26/15 due to high fever and swollen/irritated throat. Return to work on 5/27/15.

  55. Need a doctors note ASAP that says Logan was seen in my office this morning, 5/27/2015.

  56. Need Dr note for work. Chicken pocks. Visited Dr office on 5/28/15 And I can return back to work on 6/1/15 if pocks are gone

  57. Dr. note for fever visited Dr. on 5/27/15 can return to work when fever is gone.

  58. 5/11/15-5/26/15 was in the hospital due to bronchitis, that why he missed school

  59. Was hospitalized on May 26th, 2015 at approximately 7:48pm due to extreme shortage of breath. She has been provided with treatment. Follow up on June 9th, 2015.

  60. I got my wisdom teeth removed and they failed to give me a note. I need a note excusing me from 5/26/2015 till 06/04/2015 for impacted wisdom teeth removal i can return to work on 06/05/2015

  61. Ayla had to bring her mother in to they hospital . Please excuse ayla for work on 05/29/2015

  62. Katlyn had a severe migraine with blurred vision. Please excuse her from work on 05/29/2015. Thank you.

  63. I have bronchitis had appoitments 08-26-2014,09-02-2014,10-03-2014,11-14-2014, and 12-09-14 ,also 01-26-2015

  64. I was sick the other day and I need a note for work and the doctor forgot to give me one

  65. got my wisdom teeth removed and they failed to give me a note. I need a note excusing me from 5/26/2015 till 06/04/2015 for impacted wisdom teeth removal i can return to work on 06/05/2015

  66. Kylie Wood, Greensboro NC, minor car- accident, bruise to the face/ eye, seen on 5/31/2015 able to return to work 6/1/2015

  67. 06/05/15 doctors appointment at 10:30am reschedule check up, Virginia beach ,va 23462 and also a dentist one for the same day at 1:45 whitening

  68. Excused Friday 6/26/2015 & Monday 6/29/2015

    HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center – 9003 E. Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260, 480-323-3000

    Symptoms: Serverely Nauseous, Fever.

    Thank you!

  69. excused Wednesday 06/03/2015
    Albert & Austein: Schwartz Melissa MD, 18111 Prince Philip Dr # 311, Olney, MD 20832, :(301) 774-4100
    child is sick
    symptoms: slight fever, cough, runny nose
    Thank you

  70. Natalia Lopez needs to miss sunday 06/7/2015 due to physical for soccer!

  71. Name: Aysha Dar & email:
    illness: Had to get her wisdom teeth removed
    Excused dates from school: 6/1/15 to 6/3/15
    Location: Easton,MD
    Name of doctor: Dr. Horace K. Wood

  72. Case of mild streph throa. Needs to be out for thrre days on hune 2nd to june 4th 2015

  73. suffered signs of nausea on 6/4/15, and is able to return to work on 6/5/15

    Tobyhanna pa

  74. Dr appt for follow-up after having foot surgery. Excused from work for the shift when his dr appt was. Dr appt was today, June 4 at 12:30pm
    Cory Briney
    Dob: 4/22/94

  75. Joseph Sarinana has a small hemorrhoid and is to soak in warm water for 1-2 days. Seen on Friday, 06/05/2015 at 1:45

  76. Was seen on June 6th,2015 for a left knee injury at 2:47 p.m. An can return back to normal activity on June 9th,2015.

  77. Loyd published on June 6, 2015 @ 09:18Reply

    Was seen on June 6th,2015 for a left knee injury at 2:47 p.m. An can return back to normal activity on June 9th,2015.

  78. The patient might suffered from a misguided reaction to foreign substances by the immune system, cousing Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

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  80. Aaron Brown was under my care on 06/08/2015 and is permitted to return to work on 06/09/2015

  81. krysta munro seen at mercy medical center emergency room on 6/9/15 in Williston north Dakota have a strained abdominal muscle needs rest until pain subsides and apply cold pack as needed, return to work 6/10/15 – 6/11/15 take work easy because could worsen if activity is to strenuous resulting in re rupture of the abdominal muscle.

  82. Was in the hospital here at West Hills Medical Center on June 8 due to high fever

  83. I was at the doctors office on 6/6/2015 and I need a doctors note to excuse me the whole day on that saturday to get my attendance in order. I had allegies and a head ache.

  84. Landon Batten, Whiteville North Carolina, Condition Bad Allergies, 06/09/15 excuse because left early from school around 1:00

  85. Tabari Grubbs, Hobbs, New Mexico, condition stomach virus and light temperature. Please excuse him from work on the June 9, 2015. Needs lots of rest.

  86. pFy8tE I think this is a real great post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

  87. Pain on his forehead from previous injury
    June 8, 2015
    In the arrowhead medical hospital

  88. Needs a Dr’s note from Edmond,
    ((((INTEGRIS Family Care Coffee Creek in Edmond, OK
    2916 N. Kelly Ave., Edmond, OK 73003 | 405-715-5300)))
    Oklahoma for Strep throat from 6/8/15 to 6/10/15 with a fever exceeding 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Please!

  89. christina tomattis need a doctors note for yesterday wednesday june 10,2015
    doctor john milne

    5333 N. Dixie Hwy. Ste. 204
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334
    ive had an upper respitory infection 6/9-6/10/2015, going back to work today thursday june 11,2015 at 4 pm

  90. Mr. Mosley was seen on 6/12/2015 at CJW Medical Center and is excused from work on 6/12/2015 due to stomach ulcers and extreme dehydration. He may return to work on 6/13/2015.

  91. Was seen at the Emergency room due to vomiting and extreme dehydration on 6/13/15. She may return to work on 6/14/15

  92. Excuse from school/work daughters check up from doctor. Orange Texas Friday 06/12/2015

  93. Hospitalized at Baptist Memorial Hospital (Memphis, TN) on 6/13/2015 due to ingestion of Rohypnol. Advised to hydrate and rest.

  94. excused from work due to fever and vomiting stillwater medical center stillwater,ok

  95. Please excuse Jhirmal Winfield from work on June 15th and 16th due to Campylobacter Jejuni also know as Food Poisoning. He can return back to work on June 17th.

  96. Please excuse Kelly Jackson from work 6/16/15 – 6/17/17 due to the 24 hour flu

  97. Deisy had a fever of 103 with vomiting and a migraine headache. Please excuse Deisy from work 6/15/2015 – 6/17/2015

  98. Please excuse Lynette Taylor from school 6/16/15 -6/17/15 due to severe diarrhea and nose bleeds.

  99. I have been moving and a piece of furniture fell unto my nose and I think I have fractured it

  100. Got bleaching in the eye at work.
    location Sanford South University eye center & optical
    1717 S University Drive.
    Fargo, ND 58103

    Date June 16

  101. Emilyann Moore. Springfield, Missouri 65802, COX North, reason for excuse: Intestinal Cramping, 6/18/2015 returning to work 6/19/2015

  102. Please excuse Calvin from work 6/18/2015 due to a fever of 102, vomiting, and migraines. Eau Claire, WI 54720

  103. please excuse kevin from work from june,15 – june 18. due to food allergies. kevin is diagnosed to two medications take twice aday at wakemed in Raleigh NC

  104. Courtney Toews. Clovis, CA reason: went to see doctor on Tuesday June 9 at 10:30am due to urinary tract infection. was advised to take 1 day off of work to rest and recover. return to work Wednesday June 10th

  105. Jason was showing signs of viral gastroenteritis, please excuse her from work 5/17-5/19. She may return to work 5/6/15.

  106. Kiera was showing signs of food poisoning, please excuse her from work for today 06/20/2015

  107. Mr. Cervi was showing signs o food poisoning. please excuse him from work to day 05/19/2015

  108. out of work on 6/19/2015 – 6/21/2015 due to strep throat location : mansfield tx

  109. Khanh Pham is showing signs of viral gastroenteritis, please excuse him from work. She may return to work6/23/15.

  110. Montgomery, Alabama
    Severe swollen foot and limited movement
    Excuse june 21-23 2015

  111. Name: Kayla-Marie Musgrove
    Location: Pensacola, Florida
    Problem: Car broke down out of state.
    Dates: June 18, 2015 to June 23, 2015

  112. viral gastroenteritis
    june 17 until it clears
    location memphis tn
    seen at the med er

  113. I would like to get this excuse absent note for myself but the dates are for 6/15/2015 – 6/23/2015

  114. Michael Ezell, was seen today June 24, 2015 for diverticulitis, can return to work on June 25, 2015 . Seen at Baptist Desoto Hospital Emergency Department. Southaven, MS 38671

  115. Please excuse De’Jah Smith from work on date 06/24/2015 due to Ja’Maria Smith Illness. Fever of 102.2

  116. Bennettsville, SC Illnesss: Strep Throat taken out from June 25, 2015 til June 28, 2015

  117. Broken or severely sprained ankle. Need a note from 6/26, early in the morning

  118. had to take my daughter to pediatrician to be seen symptoms ( pink eye) 6/26/15

  119. was at the ER Sunday morning at 3:30am with a stomach virus for got to get a note for that day only

  120. Tyler McGuire, Chest Pains and dizziness came in at 2:30 to 3:30 on 6/27/2015 at Christian Northeast 11133 Dunn Rd, St Louis, 63136, MO

  121. Hi my name is joi loney i was suffering from a swollen ankle that made it impossible to stand at work i was put on bed rest on 6/20/2015 to 6/21/2015 i returned to work and had another flair up which was worst than the first and was put back on bed rest from 6/26/2015 to 6/28/2015 i went to grady memorial hospital in atlanta,ga ….80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30303 phone number 404-616-4861

  122. Noel Valenzuela was under medical treatment during 6-22-2015 to 6-26-2015 Riverside County Medical Clinic Please Excuse

  123. Michael is showing signs of viral gastroenteritis, please excuse him from work. He may return to work 6/30/15.

  124. kion has a high fever of 103 he was amitted 0n 6/28/15 at 9:23PM was discharged at 3:48am 6/29/15

  125. When you can’t afford to see a doctor (who charges $80 a visit) you do the best you can. If the company super can’t tell you’re sick then he’s an idiot and shouldn’t be a supervisor.

  126. Vanessa Arnold was amitted for vomiting nd stomach pain on june 27 in Dayton ohio

  127. i need a doctors note for 6/29 /15 and 6/30 /15 i can return to work on 7/1/15 i live in reston va

    hesperia, ca 92345

  129. Enrique was seen on july 1st because he had symptoms of vomit.May go back to work on July 2nd.

  130. I was hospitalized in Brooklyn, NY for stomach pains on 07-01-2015 to 07-02-2015

  131. Nathanael had a stomach virus and should refrain from working until he has fully recovered. 07/01/2015

  132. Nick Botero had a stomach virus starting 7/1 Wednesday morning and should refrain from school and outdoor activities until he has fully recovered . He should be able to return to school beginning of next week of 7/6. Please excuse his absence and thank you very much.
    Email –
    Astoria , Queens NY 11105

  133. Ryann showed symptoms of food poisoning resulting in hospitalization to receive IV Therapy.
    July 16, 2015.

  134. Ciara is to be excused from work July 1st-July 3rd due to on and off fevers and acute migraines.
    Seattle Washington.

  135. Agustin is experiencing a severe skin reaction and high fever. May return to work with no limitations July 4 or until rash has subsided.

  136. Megan had food poisoning and was vomiting all night along with having a fever and migraine on July 2,2015. She is to be excused from work.

  137. My comment is that I think it is ridiculous that my 17 year old daughter needed a dr proving that she was with me at the hospital since 4 am and is too tired to go to work so her employer wants us to go back to the hospital to get the note stating she was there with me. I can see if she had a reputation of calling out. This was first time since she started there 9 weeks ago…..Ridiculous

  138. Vomiting all day and night with some diarrhea throughout the day and went to doctor on 7/3/15
    Will be back at work on 7/4/15

  139. Mother was having trouble breathing. Left work to meet her at the hospital.

  140. My daughter Morgan Lukens is having her tonsils taken out on Mon July 6th 2015 at 6am at Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, NY

  141. Please excuse Caleb from work on July 5, 2015 due to E. Coli food poisoning. He may return to work July 6. Jordan Valley Health Clinic, Springfield MO

  142. Please excuse Joseph from work. He came in Tuesday, July 30, 2015. He has Strep Throat, so please excuse him from work until Monday, July 6, 2015.

    send note to lazy

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  144. Please excuse patient sister from work. Guadalupe came in Saturday, July 4th, 2015, due to abdominal pain and had to be hospitalized at the Garden Grove hospital.

  145. I need a Doctor’s note for July 6th,2015. Missed work do to an allergic reaction to my eye. Returned to work today July 7th,2015.

  146. Please excuse Scott from work for Tuesday, July 7, 2015. He was experiencing food poisoning causing him to vomit.

  147. Please excuse Mitchell from work 7/4 as he seemed to have picked up a stomach virus.

  148. Jonah was advised to stay home due to signs of the stomach flu.

  149. I need a note saying that Joseph Banko is excused from work, from 7/7/15 to 7/10/15, due to back strain. Westland , Mi.

  150. Was seen on the 8th of July. Fully looked over sprained/twisted ankle. Ok to return back to work July 9th.

    Not part of it – Philip email me if possible when I can print out the note, really need it.

  151. Tyler was out of work on 7/04/2015 due to vomiting and a sinus infection. He may return to work on 7/08/2015

    Please email this to me as soon as you’re able too. thanks

  152. Rachel Mounla
    Came in with severe Angioedema, urticaria and slight dehydration. Kept for 24 hr watch and further testing. Please excuse from work July 6 th and 7 th 2015

  153. Kelli was out of work due to headaches and fainting. Is clear to continue working on Friday July 10th

  154. Sean Goss was hospitalized due to dehydration. Will be able to return to work on Thursday July 8th

  155. I need a doctors note saying that I had back pain and injury to my back from July 6.

  156. i need a doctors note for work from July 5 saying that I was injured and had a back injury and that the only limitation that I have are not being able to lift anything heavy. Also it needs to say that I can still work

  157. Marissa Hatfield was admitted into Audubon hospital on july 2 2015 due to a infection in her colon. She may return to work on July 9 2015. Thanks

  158. Noah was admitted to ER due to severe itching from allergic reaction. May return to school after treatment. 7/8/15

  159. Chloe was seen for vomiting, fever of 100 degrees, and migraines. It is advised she stay home until 7/10/2015
    Bonney Lake, WA 98391

    It would be greatly appreciated if I could get this by tomorrow morning thank you. (:

  160. I need a doctors note for 7/8/215 went to the doctor about my hand and was told I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Name is Cody S Smith, DOB:3/27/87 I went to Dr. Robert Glenn MD at 24 2nd Ave NE Hickory NC 28601. If possible I need this note before late tonight so I can have it for work in the am. Thanks!!

  161. Seen 7/7/15
    Food poisoning
    Out of work 7/7/15 to 7/8/15
    Return 7/9/15 only if feeling better

  162. I need one for missing work on July 7,15 due to a pink eye From an allergic reaction

  163. Jonathan Whitler went to doctor on 7/8/15. Has high fever and sinus congestion. He may return to work on 7/9/15.
    Located in Troy, MO DOB: 6/23/1994. I need this note by tonight for work in the morning.

  164. Brendan bruns hurt his wrist on the 6th and needs off untill the 9th in order not to injure it further….

  165. Please excuse this patient from work on 7/7/15 due to an appointment at Jericho Road Ministries, Thank You

    Please email me this by tonight

  166. Need to be sick on 8/21/15 my boss will not let me off that day unless I’m sick with doctors note and I wanted to be off cause is my daughters birthday and wanted to be off all day so if you can please make me a doctors note saying I have strep or something thank you

  167. Need to be sick on 8/21/15 my boss will not let me off that day unless I’m sick with doctors note and I wanted to be off cause is my daughters birthday and wanted to be off all day so if you can please make me a doctors note saying I have strep or something thank you

  168. I need off on the 21 of August please make me a doctors note for that date 5133774910

  169. Hartford, Connecticut
    Angelia scheri was present at the hospital with Erin mason on July 3rd 2015 and is excused from work on that day.

  170. Was seen at community anderson for serve nausea and loss of appetite was give Marinol 5mgs
    Need this letter tomorrow 07/09/25

  171. Ber nice was hospitalized on July 17, 2015 due to and allergic reaction to a pain medication.

  172. Location: San Antonio, TX
    Problem: Stomach Flu
    Dates: July 9, 2015 to July 10, 2015

  173. I need doctors note saying I was seen at the kingwood hospital in kingwood tx on 7/9/2015

  174. Please excuse April for missing 7/9/15 she had to bring her mom to her doctor appointment today.

  175. Mr. Haas has onset symptoms of a Cavernous Malformation on the Cerebral Cortex. Mr. Haas must not do any physical labor or lifting over 25 pounds until symptoms reside.

  176. Isabel was in the hospital and showed signs of gastritis with severe vomiting and stomach pains.

  177. Ben will need to be excused from July 8th – 10th due to Campylobacter Jejuni also know as Food Poisoning. Clearwater Florida

  178. Severely dehydrated. Received IV fluids for 11 hours. First degree burns with sunburn. Rest needed the rest of the week and should stay hydrated at all times.
    July 6, 2015

  179. Was advice to stay home due to minor headaches vomiting and and stomach problems. @raulcandia2828@

  180. Due to a small infection from a cracked wisdom tooth, please excuse Eva Johnson on July 10th from work.

  181. Joshua Gilman
    Excuse from july 12 to july 13 chicago,il
    Strep throat

  182. Sick from vomiting, fever, migraines, diarrhea and dehydration due to food poisioning

  183. I was at the pool when I observed my daughter swallowing water she was coughing through the night as if she still had residual water in her lungs and could not sleep

  184. My grandfather, Marcio Cardenas, was hospitized at the St Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco, on the day July 12, 2015.

    I need a doctors note as soon as possible!

  185. alexi is showing signs of viral gastroenteritis, please excuse him from work. he may return to work

  186. Was hospitalized on 7/10/2010 at approximately 9:41am due to nausea and vomiting. She is showing signs of food poisoning. She has been provided treatment. Follow up on July 17, 2015.

  187. I live in Florida need to be in Pennsylvania for my daughter ‘ surgery from 07/11/15 to 07/14/15
    I would appreciate it if you can help me.

    Jhony Coulanges

  188. Please excuse Mohammad from work due to surgery on right armpit. Causing weakness, high blood loss and can cause pain from lifting. It is advised that he does not attend work from July 7 through the 18th.

    Please send to

    Thank you

  189. Please excuse Brandan from work 7/11/15 and 7/13/15. He’s been having pretty servere stomach pains. Gave shot but just made him more nauseated. Needs more time to recover from shot. Sharp uncomfortable pains may occur within 24-48 hours of shot.

  190. I need a doctors note saying I can go back to work
    I said I was in a car accident and they want a doctors not saying I’m cleared to go back to work July 14th 2015

  191. I need a note saying I have been seen by an Oncologist at Mercy Hospital in St Louis Mo beginning in June – July. Time is of the essence I could los emy job.

  192. I need a doctors notes saying simply….. Unable to work on 7/13/2015. Return to work on 7/14/2015. No other details required. My email is
    My full name is required. William McClimon

  193. Suwanee, GA 30024 Admitted into johns creek hospital in johns creek ha due to stomach pain nausea cold sweats headaches

  194. Excused from work on 7/13/15 for appointment regarding anxiety and depression treatments. Will return the following day 7/14/15

  195. anyone can google this and see your name. You need to find a way to keep the names private

  196. Please excuse Miranda from work on 07/14/15 due to a swollen ankle. It is recommended she does limited walking for the next week or so.

  197. Please allow for Marcela to wear her accommodated footwear due to the fact that she has a minor rheumatic injury that affects her mobility as swelling and stiffness are a common detriment for her.

  198. Please excuse Pamela from work. Seen on 7/15/2015 and may return back to work Monday 7/13/2015.

  199. Joseph came in for a doctors visit on July 15, 2015 at Firstmed Urgent Care in Oklahoma City, OK. Please excuse from work due to common virus causing elevated fatigue and pain.

  200. Christopher came into the Saint Vincent Hospital on Friday 17th of July. He has been having pretty servere stomach pains. Gave shot but just made him more nauseated. Needs more time to recover from shot. Sharp uncomfortable pains may occur within 24-48 hours of shot. He will return to Monday 7/20/2015.

    Please email me the doctor note to

  201. Tyler Kipp, Oakwood, Georgia, Having mouth pain, Needed to be excused 7/15/15, And the doctor is DOCTOR ANDERSON at the oakwood medical clinic.

  202. Please excuse Cody from school, annual check up at the office of dr. Reyes on July 15,2015, northeast baptist.

  203. Shawn Smith was seen by me today. 7/15/2015. He had a knee swollen three times the size an he was unable to walk. He is taking a fluid reducer and pain medication. He is able to do light lifting. I want him to keep pressure off his right knee for 24-48 hours

  204. Amber was seen on 7/12/15 showing indications of mild Tonsillitis; therefore; please excuse her from work, returning 7/16/15

  205. Patient was seen on 7/15/15 showing signs of apendicitis. Patient was admitted for observation same day.

  206. Stressed muscle in forearm, 1 days rest with frequent use of ice pack. He attended on westgate walk in centre on 17/7/2015

  207. Need to be excused 7/17/15. Grandmother came into Kennestone Hospital late night 7/16/15 for her hernia problem. From recent surgery on 7/4/15 – 7/6/15. Currently being supported by family. And she’s in great care, issues are concerning her abdomen. Please excuse jazmyne from work today for her family. Thank you!

  208. Need to be excused 7-6-15 son was sick in hospital with bacterial infection

  209. Need to be excused for 7/17/15. Largo, Maryland 20774. Father was in hospital , diabetic problems. Please excuse lyric from work she was supporting her father. Thank you !

    Email :

    Need note ASAP

  210. Throwing up for the last two days. Spokane WA and need to be excused for 7/16/15 and 7/17/15

  211. Autumn was in the hospital with her Grandmother this weekend, please excuse her from work.

  212. Jessica Marino was seen on 6/26/2015, at Providence Portland Medical Center, she suffered a major concussion. She is instructed to rest for the next 3-5 days. Jessica, may return to work on or after 7/01/2015. Prescribed migraine w/pain mngmt.

  213. Kameron was seen 6/11/2015. Showed symptoms of pink eye.
    Omaha, Nebraska UNO Health Services

  214. High fever, body pains, vomiting, headache aslo . Due to food poisoning and a virus she caught .

  215. Mary had a foot infection from a blister that opened. Foot was swollen, taken to hospital by son Sean

  216. Azusa , CA July 18 , 2015 @ 3:00
    Brittany had a fever of 103 with vomiting and a migraine headache Stayed over night under whatch in the hospital please excuse Cochitl from work

  217. Severe Sinus infection with migraines, body aches and fever.

    Atlanta, Texas

  218. Stomach pain on 07/17/2015 we’ll be able return to work tomorrow 07/18/2015
    Shanice jones, Newark New Jersey

  219. Asthma problems 7/17/15 ~ will be able to return to work tomorrow 7/19/15
    Tricia Conrad, Saint Peter, Missouri

  220. Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Lawrence was seen Today 7/16/15 for Strep Throat.
    Please Excuse Lawrence Ortiz from Work for the day’s listed 7/17/15 & 7/18/15
    He may return back to work on 7/19/15

  221. Monte George, Kaiser Medical Center, Antioch California. Has the Flu, and have prescribed Antibiotics. Excused from 7/18/2015-7/20/2015. Send to

  222. Demmon was seen on Saturday, July 18th
    Regarding his ribs being bruised he is able to return to work after a week of resting and no lifting

  223. Was seen at UNM Urgent care on 7/18/2015. complaints of vomiting he was given saline

  224. I called into work on July 17, 2015 because my son fell and got hurt. I need a doctors note before returning to work. Bossier City Louisiana. Christina Batson is my full name my sons name is Dakota Batson my email is

  225. I need a doctors note stating that I will not be able to run in a race on August 1, 2015 due to an injury so that I can possibly get a refund of my registration fee. I live in Fairfield, CA. Michelle Haymon. my email is I this possible?

  226. Adrianna was hospitalized for severe dehydration and vomiting. Hospitalized at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ from 7/18/2015 to 7/19/2015. Will be able to return 7/20/15.2

  227. Need a Drs note stating I was out for food poisoning in a San Antonio hospital

  228. Had an epilepsy episode missed work on 7/20/15 her shift was 1 pm to 10 pm I need a drs excuse

  229. Was off work 07/2015 due to grandaughter being seen in our office for high temp and vomiting. Glasgow, KY

  230. July 20, 2015 Carolina Endocrinology
    1594 Freedom Blvd suite 102B
    Florence SC 29505
    (843) 673-7560

    Please allow the return of Julie Nowlin to your facility on July 23 , 2015. She has been under my care for Type 1 Diabetes. She is able to perform her original duties with precautions of monitoring her blood sugars as needed. Please allow her to check her sugars during breakfast and lunch hrs. She is prescribed to keep her Dex4 Fast Acting Glucose tablets within reach.

    Thank You
    Dr. John L. Culleton

  231. As of July 20th, Alan was not at work due to a severe migraine, blurred vision and stomach ache.

  232. Please excuse the absence of MS.Scharneisha McFadden she is her sisters proxy and the legal guardian of her children.
    Hospital:Rochester Genral Hospital
    Phone number:585.922.4000

  233. Viral gastroenteritis excuse Date 07/20/15
    rest and fluids.
    May return to work 07/22/2015

  234. I need one so I won’t need to be outside in the heat and sun. And that I get heat rashes in the sun.

  235. I need a dr note for july18,2015 saying i had a appointment at7:00 am Elkhart General Hospital elkhart in

  236. July 21,2015 excuse slip for Miguel reason for visit :a routine checkup physical and drug test

  237. I need an excuse for making bad grades in school during the spring semester, let’s just say I was emotionally impaired due to severe post-traumatic stress disorder caused by being raped while on a trip to New York. It happened in January.

  238. I honestly was hit by a bus while riding home on my bike. Sprained ankle and bruised leg. It hurts when foot experiences pressure.

  239. Michael Shaw Came in with severe Angioedema and slight dehydration. Kept for 24 hr watch and further testing. Please excuse from work 7/21 – 7/22/2015

  240. Ryan McKinstry came in with stomach pains and was throwing up constantly. I strongly advised him to stay home today and may return on July 22nd.

  241. I had a sore back but they won’t let me work till doctors note I need a clearance to work today’s date for Wednesday July 22

  242. I missed work yesterday because i had diarrhea and they won’t let me come back to work without a excuse

  243. I Daniel Sheffield has been under doctor care for 3 day july 17,18,19, 2015. I have been having trouble with my appendix

  244. Darrik came into my office July 21,2015 complaining of stomach cramps and vomiting. He has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis and will not be able to work . I suggest two days of rest and plenty of water until he is rehydrated. If you have any questions pertaining to his diagnosis please call .

  245. I need a doctors note for 2 broken legs from a car accident and I can go back to work in august

  246. A Group for women Chesapeake va 23322 . please excuse from work 07/22/15 through 07/24/15 .

  247. Please excuse Justin for his daughter was at Silverton Hospital sick on 7/22/15

  248. Freeport Tx. Please excuse Colten for leaving work 7/24/15 visited doctors office due to sinuses problem

  249. I need a doctor excuse for today Friday the 24 for work I live in lake Charles Louisiana and I am runing high fever and throwing up I need it for tomm please thank you


  251. Andrew Saavedra has had emergency surgery for a hiatal hernia due to on going Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Please excuse Andrew’s mother Vanessa Marinero from school and work for 07/17/15-07/24/15.

  252. I need a work excuse due to stomach problems (either food poisoning or the flu) and excuse me for the 25th and 26th of July. I am in Madison, Wisconsin and I go to Dean Clinics. Urgent care East side. You can google the logo. Or I can send you the file

  253. how do I print out a copy of an excuse letter for work I know how to make one I know how to do all that stuff I just need to know where can I go to print it out besides the library as you see is 4:50 p.m.

  254. Los Angeles California, cyst removal, August 13th 2015- August 16th 2015,surgery is on Thursday and will need the next 3 days to recover

  255. sprained heel while playing basketball then got into a fight and broke my tooth. 7/23/15 & 7/24/15

  256. Hi my job make me shave at work and I break out bad and I hate having to shave period!! I just need a doctors note saying that I cant shave because of skin.
    Houston TX
    July 26, 2015

  257. Alan Bajek has had an emergency surgery for damaged major blood vessels due to broken ribs that resulted in a motor vehicle accident om July 25. 2015. Basal skull fractures are also present however, require no surgery.
    Please excuse Alan’s mother (Margaret), his father (Arthur). and sister (Caroline) from unemployment between the dates of 7/25/15-08/01/15 as they will be visitors here.

    UPMC Hamot is the hospital
    my e-mail is CBAJEK25@GMAIL.COM
    please make it look real and i’ll send you some money

  258. Was hospitalized on 7/23/2015 at approximately 9:41am due to nausea and vomiting. She is showing signs of food poisoning. She has been provided treatment. Follow up on July 28, 2015.

  259. Clintaysha is excused from work from 7/16-7/18 due to illness due to food poisoning

  260. Autumn was treated for a stomach flu on 7/27/2015 @ 11:00 am. She will need to be monitored for any worsening condition. If her condition worsens take her to the ER.

  261. Mariah weaver, 07/27/15, 9am, Tucson Arizona 85706, and bleeding during pregnancy. 4 months. 18 weeks pregnant. Threatened miscarriage.

  262. Jersey City, NJ. Carmen (sister) was in a car accident yesterday has to stay overnight and has head trauma. (So I can take care of her kids today will be my excuse for not coming today!

  263. Alonza Just Suffered A Miscarriage, she’s currently going thru postpartum depression. The puppy her Aunt gave her has bought her comfort and put her stress at ease to separate her from this yorkie/ Chihuahua will devastate her . She Can’t Handle The Separation

  264. please excuse Caleb Meyer from school 7-27-2015 through 7-28-2015 due to vomiting and dehydration.

  265. Levi missed work when he took his son Damien to ER who was diagnosed with walking phanonia early Mon. July 27th morning between 10pm the night before to around 4am Mon. morning. at St. Joseph Medical West (Lake St. Louis, MO)

    *- Thank you Phillip, your help is appreciated very much. without a Dr. note Levi risks losing the best job he ever had. Thank you again! <3

  266. David was admitted to Trinity Medical Center on 7/26/14 and treated for Norovirus, and may return to work on 7/29/15.

  267. joseph cant work on that day July 26, 2015 because we need to examine his heart. Joseph (OSA) or obstructive sleep apnea affects his heart.

  268. rick will be out of work 7/28/2015 -7/30/2015 due to kidney stones. Rick will return to work on 7/31/2015

  269. need a doctors note for the date of 7/29/2015 for the flu
    at baycare walk in clinic

  270. Please excuse Ashonte Coates for the remaining of the week to due the contagious illness.

  271. Was treated on July 29 2015 for severe sunburn.
    Dr . Stevenson
    Laburnum Medical Center

  272. I went to the Georgetown Urgent Treatment clinic With vomiting and severe migraines and dizziness. I’m excused July 31, 2015 – August 2, 2015.

  273. Lashana Hagler was seen in the ER dept. on 7/25/2015 for acute food poisoning. She may return to work on 7/30/2015

  274. Evelyn lander is was seen for pink eye, disgusting and contagious. Cannot come into work 7/31/2015- 8/2/15

  275. Lakeesha cherry may return to school no later then 07/31/2015.
    University hospital San antonio tx
    Eye irritation and abdominal pain

  276. Excuse from work on 7/31/2015 due to strep throat, she may return to work on 8/1/2015

  277. Please excuse Jonathan Bryant from work on 7/31/2015-0/1/2015 due to gastroenteritis. He may return to work on 8/2/2015

  278. Jason’s blood sugar is below normal limits and I’d like to keep him resting for at least two days.

  279. Shepherdsville, Ky Jessica is having a severe allergic reaction may return to work 8/1/2015

  280. was seen in office for gastrointestinal infection\poisoning with severe sore throat and vomiting prescriptions have been given and patient has been directed to bed rest along with taking medication until symptoms have been alleviated

  281. Husband was sick with pneumonia on July 25 and 26th. Melissa was with him at the hospital. Please excuse Melissa for these dates from work.

  282. saying that Janeisha lee went to see her grandma in miami florida on August 5 and 6 2015. My grandma name is mary peirce.

  283. Timothy visited Dr.cantwells surgery rathfarnham on 01/08/15 as he was suffering from a mild migraine.
    He is advised not to attend back to work until 03/08/15. I recommend he take nurofen plus twice daily.

    S cantwell

  284. Mother Slight Blood Leak On Top Of Head caused by seizures, Son Brought Her in. Given her Fluids And Rest. This Note Is to confirm Sandra Has Been At CMC And Her Son Adrian to be excused from work on 8/1/2015.

  285. Please excuse Morgan Jalbert from work on 8/1/15 due to exposed nerve pain caused by scoliosis. May return to work on 8/2/15 if pain subsides. Lake worth, Florida 33463 email to

  286. Baylon has been experiencing severe asthma attacks and will have to stay indoors with treatment due to the pollen outside .The breathing treatments must be done four times daily , if there are any more complications please contact your physician immediately

  287. Staying with my grandpa to take over care of my sick grandma. Will return to work on 08/03/2015

  288. I didn’t make it to work august 1st and 2nd due to food poisoning I really need a note I just started this jobn

  289. was treated for his stomach virus on 7/31/15, may return to work in the next day or so when there are no signs of symptoms

  290. My name is Juan Cesar and Im in Diamond Bar, CA.
    I have a virus in my stomatch along with what is called a ventriculitis level CIE-10 GO4.9
    Its like cerebral damage caused by too much stress, something in the brain..

    Rebecca imus was seen on 8/01/2015 at monticello medical center 826 n.6th st. monticello,in. 47960 due to a severe burn on her right leg. may return to work on 8/02/2015

  292. celina baeza was seen on 8/01/15 at St. Anthony’s North emergency room due to constant chest pain. Celina is now clear to work on 8/02/15 and continue with physical activity.

  293. Celina baeza was seen on 8/01/15 at St. Anthony’s North in the emergency room due to constant chest pain. Celina is now cleared to return back to work and continue with regular physical activity.

  294. Eric was seen 6/31/15 fort severe sunburn and swelling on the top of his feet and ankles.

  295. Jacob Mosher was seen and excused from work on sunday august 2 2015 with flu like symptoms

  296. omar had a very high fever on august 4. He was in the emergency room

  297. Maliyah Dixon was diagnosed with Bell palsy And tingling at Fingers. She will Need to be on bed rest for 2-3 days. She may return to work on August 8 2015.

  298. I need a doctor’s note saying that “T. Jagun-Obazee (Mrs.) came to the hospital/clinic on the night of 7/4/15. Had severe stomach cramps and was vomiting constantly with very high fever. Also had excruciating lower back pain & couldn’t stand by herself. Was admitted and placed under observation for a couple of days. Diagnosed with gastroenteritis & treated as applicable. Discharged on the evening of July 6, 2015 and confined to bed rest. Cleared for work or regular physical activities within a week after lumbago x-rays done. Follow up on 7/13/15.”

    I live in Queens Village, NY, so the hospital/clinic should be one in that neighborhood.
    Thank you.

  299. Joshua had to leave early due to appointment he had today to see if his knee was better 8/4/2015

  300. Patrick was sent to Iredell Memorial Hospital for further monitoring of his blood pressure. This note is to act as an excused absence from work on the date of: 08-04-15 From employment at INSOURCE. Dr. David Cash. Statesville Nc

  301. Amber was seen at the House of Wellness on the 8/3/15. Please excuse Amber from work for the dates of 8/3/15 and 8/4/15 due to the stomach flu.

  302. I had pink eye for days 7/28-7/29
    And I need to be excused today 8/4 for throwing up consecutively

  303. I had pink eye for 7/28/2015 and 7/29/2015.
    Also missed work today on 8/4/2015 for consecutively throwing up.

  304. Amber has severe pink eye on the day of 7/28 and has been treated. Should the condition worsen, she should miss 7/29 as well.

  305. Please excuse Georgette M. from work on August 3,2015 as she was seen in our office for a medical illness. She will be able to return to work on August 4, 2015.

  306. august 2.2015 annabell perez came into our emergency room on august 2 2015 she was seen for a swollen right ankle she has a severe sprain on her right ankle and will need to be off her feet for the next three to four days she may return to work on august 6 but will be required to be on light duty she was seen on august 2, 2015 at mount carmel st anns hospital 500 s cleveland ave westerville ohio 43081 phone number 614 898 4000

  307. I missed work Friday July 31, 2015 because my mom(Jeannette McLaughlin) was took to hospital for personal reasons the name of hospital is Dale Medical Center in Ozark, Alabama please help me need my excuse ASAP

  308. I missed school today it was my presentation because my roommate got into an asthma attack i took her to the hospital. so i need a doctor note in order present my project . syracuse new york.

  309. Amber Rodriguez was under my care for stomach pains on 08/08/2015 able to return back to work

  310. Kimberly Tale , los angeles , California
    Check up on Wednesday July 29,2015 at 1:00pm follow up on Wednesday August 5,2015 at 2:00pm

  311. Timothy was seen for vomiting from a chemical poison. 8 hours of fluids and rest. Will return to work. Following August 4, 2015

  312. Amada grandma was taken to the hospital for a severe fever and vomiting, so she stayed with her the whole time.

  313. Ms. Williams was treated for migraine and severe stomach pains on 8/7/15. May return to work on 8/10/15.

  314. Ms. Lewis was treated in my office for pain in left arm and hand on 08/07/2015. May return to work on 08/10/2015 on light duties.

  315. Mr. Palos was treated today, Aug. 7, 2015 at EMH Medical Center for a mild sinus infection. He may return to work Aug. 10, 2015

  316. August 7, 2015 authorized to stay home due to vomiting dehydration, dizziness, fever, chills

  317. I need a note for a window tint for 0%-5% and to have my front windshield to be fully tinted on it for my headaches expiration date August 2017

  318. I need a note for a window tint for 0%-5% and to have my front windshield to be fully tinted on it for my headaches expiration date August 2017

  319. Ms.serna will be out of work for the following days August 7-9 2015 due to an injury cause of it is car accident

  320. Our patients father is hospitalized in our care. Could you please excess her from 8-6-2015 through 8-8-2015.

  321. Brandon was here with Hannah jeffers on the 7th. We released her the morning of the 8th. Please excuse Brandon from work:

  322. Please Excuse Marline from work on the following dates August 8,2015 and August 9 2015

  323. Please excuse Oluwadamilola Osho from work on the following day August 8, 2015.

  324. The patients sister admitted her in the Emergency Room. Please excuse her from work on the following day August 8, 2015.

  325. Please excuse La Vera Montgomery from work on August 7, 2015. He was seen at the Emergency Room. Sentara Hospital Northern Virginia

  326. Please excuse Ashleigh Allbrook from work on August 8, 2015. For fever and vomiting she can return August 9, 2015

  327. Jeanette Ortega was seen on 8/6/2015, at Providence Denver Medical Center, she suffered a major concussion. She is instructed to rest for the next 3-5 days. Jeanette, may return to work on or after 8/10/2015. Prescribed migraine w/pain mngmt.

  328. Please excuse mark from work from 8-9-2015 to 8-11-2015. He has been diagnosed with strept throat.

  329. Day’Zhaunae Brown was seen on August 1, 2015 at Sinai Hospital for dehydration, dizziness , may return to work 8/3/15

  330. Please excuse Refugio Reyes he’s was last seen at the St. John hospital, on August 6, 2015. Due to a motor vehicle accident, We recommend he recover from two weeks.

  331. Admitted into Benefis ER last night for her asthma due to the smoke that has been hovering over Great Falls. Will need a full day to recover due to the strain that the nebuliser puts unto the lungs for them to allow more oxygen in.

  332. Benjamin had a severe stomach virus, which made him unable to operate properly. Patient has a history of irritable bowels, and the virus caused excessive vomiting and diarrhea, leading to the patient actually losing weight. Prescribed medicine to help him cope with pain, as well as prevent future problems.

  333. Tuyet was advised to stay home due to vomiting, fever, and migraines. She needs to get plenty of sleep and reduce the amount of activity she normally do during the day.

  334. Javon smith was admitted to st Rita’s medical center on 8/9/15 for his asthma conditions.

  335. Arielle was advised to stay home due to vomiting, fever, and migraines. She needs plenty of rest and minimal activity throughout the day until her fever drops.

  336. Ms. Reid was treated for a batholins cyst on 8/10/15,returned on 8/11/15 complaining of pain in the area. She is instructed to wear loose fitting undergarments for the next 3-5 days. May return to work on or after 8/13/15

  337. I need a doctor’s note for Houston, Tx for today which is Tuesday August 11, 2015. Saying I am excused from work for food poisoning and am able to return to work on Wednesday August 12, 2015.

  338. daija left work early,because of cramps,was told to take medicine,can return to work tomorrow.

  339. Christina Thompson is able to work fine with her sling on she has a clavicle fracture to Her right shoulder

  340. I need a Dr note from 08/07/2015 thru 08/11/2015 my Dr name is Dr. Mangoba MD family practice the address is 9041 magnolia ave riverside, ca 92504 phone number is 951 687-0004 thank you and I needed as soon as possible

  341. Need a dr’s note for August 11 2015 to return to work on Monday the 17 2015 for drainage of an ovarian cyst with bed rest for 4 days prescribed antibiotics and to return for a follow up on Friday the 22nd. It needs to be from memorial hospital in Colorado Springs preferable the briargate location. My email is: Jorge. Zunigace@ (all Lower case) my full name is Nicole Miller date of birth 05/26/81. Please get back to me as soon as possiable

  342. Jimmy Killian, Gastroenteritis excused on 8/3 at primecare 111 Gateway Center Dr. Kernersville, NC 27284

  343. I need a doctor’s note for August 12. Entered the hospital with swelling and puss spewing out of a absess on the knee. Issued antibiotics and given cleaning instructions. Thanks!

  344. need a doctors note for asthma was under care from 08/12/15 to 08/13/15 avalable to return to school/work/any physical activities 08/14/15

  345. Severe Knee pain (Ruptured Ligament)
    & Hip pain.
    Whittier Ca.
    Kaiser Permanente E.R
    Admitted: Monday Aug 10th, 2015
    Days off work: Tuesday-Sunday/11-16
    Can be back to work Monday August 17, 2015
    Email: aprilmendoza555@gmail.con

  346. Has been under my care since Monday, August 10, 2015 suffering from severe stomach congestion. Per my request, she may return to work Friday, August 14, 2015 after taking prescribed stool soften and laxative in its entirety.

    Doctors Care | 803-469-6890 | Dr. Monica Burnside

  347. Aarion Harris is excused from work August . 14 , 2015 for a meeting with her orthopedic surgeon at 1pm .

  348. Ankeny IA
    Down with stomach flu for 8/13/2015 and needing a safe to work note declaring non-contagious

  349. Visited the hospital on 8/11/2015 stomach acid and ripped open a wond from surgery. Can not lift a lot of weight but can still work. May return to work on 8/13/2015

  350. Cicely was in my care on Saturday, August 15th to Sunday, August 16th due to her battle with gastritis. Cicely hasn’t digested a full meal since the even of Friday, August the 14th, It is highly recommended that she be excused from work until the 19th, she is extremely hydrated and her blood levels are low. Also, when she first arrived her temperature was 102.6. With medication and plenty of rest, Cicely should be well enough to attend work Wednesday. Thank you.

    Dr. Karen Watson.
    Woodward Medical Center
    Greenville, SC

    my email address –

  351. Patients having abdominal pain for a few weeks. Pain raised today, August 15th 2015. Oakwood Urgent Care

  352. I need a doctor’s note that I was sick from 1st to 3rd week of July because of food poisoning

  353. I need a Dr note for work I have an infection that made my chin swell and I didn’t go in

  354. I have a sharp pain in my gut. Was seen August 18 and can return to work August 19…Take medications as prescribed…

  355. Sick with severe head cold sore throat cough and bad nasal congestion. Need August 18th off

  356. Shania Howard was seen today for a bee sting. She was admitted 4:43 this morning. She had no allergic reaction to the bite. Was prescribed itching cream. Patient must call or return to facility if bite worsens. Patient was released at 6:18 this morning.

  357. Cody Jenkins received (minor) surgery on 8/17/15, activity suggested to be light until the earliest of 8/23/15

  358. to whom it may concern mr. Schuchmann,
    was seen and admitted on July 19th and has sense underwent surgery and was in our care until August 14th 2015
    Thank you

  359. Garland texas
    She had food poisining and was vomitting,she can return to work on august 20,2015

  360. The patient was under hospital care due to a blood clot in her left leg . Please excuse her from missing work on 08/17/2015

  361. Is unable to wear fully covered hats due to (some scalp thing that causes the hat to pull out my hair) and is advised to wear a visor instead.

  362. Patient was came in with a rash and underwent testing 8/18/15. May return to work as rash subsides.

  363. patient was in car wreck on 8/18/2015 10:16am treated for lumbar strain and released. patient able to return to work 8/20/2015

  364. Name: James Kester, City & State: Bellevue, WA Illness: Flu Symptoms, High Fever, Vomiting, Regular Bug just needed a few days to recover. Dates: 8/16/2015 & 8/17/2015 This is to excuse me from a Community Center for Alternative Programs. Alternative to incarceration.

  365. Mr. Hand has been visiting me for the past few weeks. Time off work is important for his mental health. Excuse him from his absence.

  366. I actually have a broken collar bone. I just need a note can you provide? E-mail is chrisbfun@yahoo,com I’m on my lest leg and i’m great at what I do!

  367. Name: Demetria Hill, City & State: Bronx,NY Illness: Fainted due to stress and the heat and exsaggeration. Dates: 8/19/2015 This is to excuse her from work.She may return 8/20/15.

    She had a doctors appointment that day and when she went, she fainted and her doctor told her that she need more rest and that she should take the rest of the day to rest.

    My email address is

  368. Isabel brought her mom to hospital due to her high pressure please excuse from work

  369. Visited urgency room 1159 County Road E Vadnais Heights, Minnesota on August 16 and was diagnosed with a concussion and is to be excused from work/school until August 20

  370. Doctors note to say that I’m 100 percent ready to return to work tomorrow 8/21 and that my arm is good as long as I stretch before work.

  371. I need a Doctor excuse that said I was seen for bed bugs and I am clear from them that there is no sight of them, you can E mail this ti me at I need this as soon as possible,

  372. I need a note that says that my son was seen by the doctor on August 20, 2015 and tat I was there with him to exuse my absence and to include the time of 1:32 am to 4:56 am my sons name is christopher cabrera

  373. Went into the Doctors office for the stomach flu. Was up till 4 am puking and can’t keep any food down

  374. Ms.Feliz was under my psychiatric care from November 2011 until September 2012. Following her grandfathers death in October of 2011, my patient fell ill with severe depression and anxiety attacks that made her suffer from insomniac nights, severe migraines and irritable bowel syndrome. Under my supervision she has been treated with the appropriate medications and weekly therapy sessions that she still attends.

    New York, New York

  375. please excuse Deven Phillips on 09/20/15 he has stomach ulcers flairing up causing him to throw up and produce blood in his stool.

  376. Please Excuse “Salvadore Arreguin” on 8/21/15 until 8/25/15 he has a stomach ulcer causing him to throw up and produce blood in his stool.

  377. I had to leave work early on August 20 and missed work on August 21. I been throwing up all morning and been hot and then cold

  378. Nicole De armas has stomach pains and has been vomiting, she may return 08-23-15,

  379. Please excuse Allison Geise from work she came in with food poisoning, may return to work next scheduled day

  380. Excuse for 8-22 to return 8-23 from food poison and a sprain ankle

  381. Please excuse Sonya from 8/17/15 to 8/21/15 due to her being 8 weeks pregnant during her first trimester. She needs bed rest and also the stress level of blood pressure being elevated is a risk factor indicated as well. This is a high risk pregnancy.

  382. Please excuse me on Aug 21, 2015 I was badly in pain with a BV infection and my job doesn’t understand that and I go to work tomorrow. So please can u write me one asap?

  383. Excuse from work, I’ve had , vomiting, high fever and migraine headache.
    I’m at home from August 24 to August 26, 2015

  384. Ellie pachuca was seen on saturday 22, 2015 at 2:45 am, her parents and i discussed ,her fever and nausia problems.

  385. Mayra Rodríguez Was infernal My Care 08/22/15 viral illness muy go back to work 08/23/15

  386. Hospitalized from August 20th discharged 21st of 2015 due to end stage kidney failure complications .

  387. Hospitalized from August 20th discharged 21st of 2015 due to end stage kidney failure complications .

  388. Michael Triplett was struck by a fever of 104. Will be excused from work 8/24/15 to 8/25/15

  389. Torey’s mother was in insulin shock while driving and was with her during her stay 8/24/15

  390. Please excuse Mechelle Grayson from work for dates of 8/15/2015, 8/17/2015, and 8/22/2015. Mechelle is experiencing extreme low Iron Levels and will need rest due to extreme exhaustion.

  391. Please excuse Mechelle Grayson from work for dates of 8/15/2015, 8/17/2015, and 8/22/2015. Mechelle is experiencing extreme low Iron Levels and will need rest due to extreme exhaustion. Email at

  392. Texarkana Texas
    Please excuse Brayden Clark and Ashley Clark from work/school.
    Wadley Hospital
    Send to 8706485346

  393. Callie had a mild stomach bug accompanied with a fever, aches and pains causing her to be unable to work.

  394. Helina Patel had norovirus and is excused from work until 8/26/2015

    Location: Monterey, CA 93940

  395. I need a doctor’s note saying i need to be exscused from work for today..8_24_15..i need the letter head to say it is from pearland emergency center

  396. Dylan was examined for signs of food poisoning, has been started on Loperamide. Excuse from work or strenuous activity 8/24-8/27 2015.

  397. closed fracture of the metacarpal bone
    to be seen by ortho and placed in boxers cast
    location: los angeles , california (hollywood presbyterian medical center, 1300 N vermont ave, los angeles , ca 90027
    date : from 08/26/2015 to 08/29/2015

  398. Lila Love
    103 degree fever, vomiting, migraine headache, dizziness

    Excused from work August 25, 2015

    Dr Lance Pickard, 1960 Family Practice, 5039 FM 2920 Spring, Texas 77388


  399. i need a doctors excuse for being seen at richland memorial hospital in columbia sc for a seizure

  400. Albuquerque nm
    Cody needs to be excused for strep throat and will return the 7/26 once he is over it

  401. Need a Dr excuse cause I had swollen testicles don’t have cash to go to get checked august 25 return august 27

  402. lisa was seen by us wich is catawba valley medical center to have fluid drained from her knee and was giving the medication morphine for pain why the procedure was being done woch was on 8/17/2015

  403. Robert was seen by at the Co-op Community Heather Center at James Bay on 08/24/2015 for on going medical care for arthritis in his left knee. Due to reactions to current medications, I have suggested that he look at alternative treatments to help with his occasional flare ups.

  404. Andre Rozier was seen on 3/25/2015 to get is 3 month dentist check up and also clean teeth please excuse him because he was on medication and had to rest.

  405. Brian Reid seen on August 26, 2015 for fever, runny nose, and sore throat. Diagnosed minor sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.

  406. Duve Montrose seen on September 3,2015 for fever, runny nose, and sore throat. Diagnosed minor sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.

  407. Tasha Rivarde was seen on 08/25/2015 & 08/26/2015 due to severe pink eye. She may return to work on 08/27/2015

  408. had a minor procedure for a complicattion regrading a dialysis port, and is unable to return to work until august 27, 2015

  409. is experiencing a mild to severe skin reaction and high fever. May return to work with no limitations August 27, 2015 or until rash has subsided.

  410. The Practice is named Kids 1st Pediatric Group. The address is 2045 Southcrest Drive, Suite 110, Stockbridge, GA 30281. I have a sinus infection. I went to the doctor today 08/26/15 and can return to school tomorrow.

    Please excuse Kiara Bonds-Robinson from school on August 26, 2015. She was seen at our office today and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. She may return to school on August 27. 2015.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Wanda Williams, M.D.

  411. abdurahman ahmed has no health related work restrictions. he recently came in for back exam and has no serious complications.

    the address of the clinic is
    6020 35th Avenue SW
    Seattle, WA 98126
    United States

    use any doctors name please. thanks

  412. Johnny Baker is undergoing some surgery on 09/10/2015 and Anthony will need the day of to attend to him as he and his wife are primary caregivers to this boy surgery will be done at 10am on 09/10/2015 so please excuse Anthony from work this day
    Dr Nicholas G. Recchia
    Cancer Treatment Centers of America
    at Midwestern Regional Medical Center
    2520 Elisha Avenue
    Zion, IL 60099

  413. I need a medical return to work status form stating that I am no longer contagious and can return to full work status with no restrictions.

  414. Montranous d Briscoe
    D.o.b 03/13/1975
    Admitted 8/22/15
    Discharge 8/25/15
    Can return 8/28/15
    I had a minor surgery

  415. Brittany Jones , Parkridge East Hospital was seen 8/26/2015 Can return 8/28/2015 , stomach ulcer

  416. Brittany Jones , Parkridge East Hospital which is in Chattanooga, TN 37412 was seen 8/26/2015 Can return 8/28/2015 , stomach ulcer

  417. Was seen on 8/27/15 at the Concentra Urgent Care, 1500 Mount Zion Road, Morrow, GA 30260, for fever of 101, headache, sore throat, and coughing. Please email to Please remove comments.
    Thank you.

  418. Please excuse Ivan Rodriguez from work 8/28/2015 he brought his son to dentist appointment today 8/28/2015 please allow to return to work on 8/29/2015

  419. Can I please get a doctor’s note got a strep throat and allergies for today.

  420. Amy Guthrie was admitted on 8/21/15. She was discharged on 8/24/15. Mclauren community hospital. Mt pleasant mi.

  421. Bellevue nebraska, emergency dental surgery for 28 August 2015
    If you could have this by tomorrow before 3 that’d be awesome!

  422. This is just a scam to send you to another website to pay for a doctors note, GL to all those who see this befoer they take it down

  423. My son was sick and I need a doctor’s note for work …copay was too much for me to spend

  424. Jacqueline is showing signs of food poising and needs to excused from work 8/29/15 can return 8/30/15

  425. Kylie Carter was vomiting showing signs of strep. may return to work 8/30/15 with no limitations

  426. Excuse Kyle from work on this date August 31st, 2015. Had a 9am appt with Dr. Hocking. Will return to work on Sept. 1st 2015.

    Dr. Douglas D. Hocking, OD
    107 Plaza Drive, Suite L
    St. Clairsville, OH 43950

  427. Please write a note saying raven Phoenix has a Kidney infection was at this hospital from 2am till 4am with a fever of 102 may return to work 8/31/15 email address is

  428. Please excuse Da’Jon Skaggs from school choreography for 8/29/15 after being advised not to attend due to Sinus Infection and viral stomach flu.

  429. Please excuse Dylan Wethington. He has a high fever of 104 and a sore throat. He may return to work on 09/03/2015

  430. Dallas TX,
    Cain Garcia was hospitalized for a physiological evaluation. August 30.

  431. Please excuse Kiana Daum from work for the week 8/31-9/4 due to severe symptoms of the stomach flu. She may return to work 09/05/15.

  432. please excuse amanda patron from work/school, due to childs illness. may return 08/31/2015

  433. Ineed a note for missing work on sunday 8/30/15 due to allergic reaction to a bug bite

  434. i need a note for calling in sick for work 08/30/15 due to bad allergies and i high fever.

  435. Andre Stover was sent to the emergency room in baltimore maryland because of cardiac arrest on August 29th 2015 at 9:00 AM

  436. Payton came into the urgent care facility Louisville ky, with foot pains on 8/31/2015

  437. Please excuse Connor from missing work on 9/1/2015 for he had a dentist appointment. Ocala, FL

  438. Pls excuse Jesse Cadena from work 9/01/2015 as he had a virus infection or flu, was treated with antibiotics and released for work 9/2/15

  439. Terry will have a Pilonidal cyst removed on 9/3/2015. Patient can expect to have a recovery time of 5-7 days. Patient can return to Work/School on 9/9/2015.

    Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center
    6439 Garners Ferry Road
    Columbia, SC 29209

  440. please excuse ryan from work on 9-01-15 due to a virus going around he was seen at northwestern medical center in St.Albans VT at 11.00 am ryan is ok to return to work on 9-02-15

  441. Paulina Padilla
    Albuquerque NM
    Please excuse Paulina Padilla from any physical activities for a period of 2-4 weeks do to a mild ankle sprain.

  442. Please excuse Barry from school on 9/1/15 he was treated this morning in my office for a virus infection. He was treated with antibiotics, and was released for work

  443. I need a doctors note for the 2nd and the 3rd of september to get off work, i have the flu.

  444. I need a note saying I got my wisdom teeth taken out 8/28/15 and will have time off for recovery approximately 3-4 days and then I will return back to school. I live in the Pittsburgh pa area.

  445. I need a doctors note saying that i was out of work for salmonella poisoning for the says of Aug 31 till the 3rd of september.

  446. Varun Khullar, Singapore. Need a doctors note for 2nd and 3rd september, have the flu and temperature of 39.3 degrees celcius.

  447. Thomas Ross, Kentucky. Worried about possible ACL tear in right leg and was unable to come to work on 9/1/15, 9/2/15, 8/27/15, 8/25/15

  448. Rebecca E. Excuse from school and work on 8/31/15 due to allergic skin reaction that needed treatment by doctor.

  449. Excuse Shant on 9/3/2015 due to allergic skin reaction that needed treatment by doctor.

  450. Excuse Shaun from school from August.30,2015-Sept.3,2015 due to fractured hand. No gym & light handwriting upon return

  451. Excuse Shaun from school from August.30,2015-Sept.3,2015 due to fractured hand. No gym & light handwriting upon return
    Kosair children’s hospital

  452. Michelle’s pneumonia is not getting better. Continue her Light Duty Work from home until her Lung Infection is fully recovered. I will retest her on the 21st of September 2015 to see is the liquid in her lungs reduced.

  453. Laila Flint
    Fever, not keeping formula down, sinus infection
    Erieside Medical Group
    Dr. Mandelik

  454. Need a doctor note to excuse me from work for 9/4/2015 for food poisoning. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. May return to work 9/5/2015 with no limitations. Drink plenty of clear liquids!

  455. Had a root canal done on his 2nd bicuspid. Thus making him unable to go to work on Friday 9/24/15

  456. Patient came in suffering from vomiting and diarrhea after consuming Chinese food and was hospitalized at SSM Health DePaul Hospital due to food poisoning and moderate dehydration on 9/3/2015. Patient was discharged on 9/5/2015 and may return to work on 9/7/2015.

  457. Charles was seen today 9/5 for severe vomiting and nasuea.
    Please excuse Charles from work on 9/4. He may return to work 9/6.

  458. Kristian was omitted today 9/6/15 due to pain in hand wrist area he does have a mild sprain. and will be out for a couple days may return to work on Wednesday 9/9/15

  459. Please excuse Natalia M. Lopez from work 9/5/2015, she was with her son Julian S. Salazar which was hospitalized on September 5, 2015 at approximately 4:27am at University Medical Center 1800 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89102 do to extreme shortage of breath.

  460. Please make me 1 fake doctor note about me being sick (some kind of virus) and needed 1 week off. i acctually need it for 1 week of school catch up and my manager wont let me off no matter what unless i have doctor note.
    i need this asap please help. thank you. i just think school is more important than work for me at the moment

  461. Patient was seen 9-4-15 presented with 103.2 temp, cough, breathing difficulties, severe congestion. Diagnosis of bronchitis and influenza. Return to work 24 hours after fever is absent.


  462. Lacey Bliefernicht was seen for a small insition and hospital regulation n
    Did need her for 2days in advanced. On the dates of 09/04/2015-09/07/2015

  463. I fell and hurt my heel on 9-4-15 and I can’t aford to go to a doctor and I need off work Tue 9-8- 15 and Wed 9-9-15

  464. Has caught the common cold. unable to come back to work until cold symptoms are gone and he feels 100%.

  465. Ava was at the neurologist on the date off September 9th and is cleared to go back to work on the 10th

  466. On April 28, 2015, Patient Chanell Lott visited the emergency department at Memorial Regional Hospital. After further observation, it was recommended that she be admitted for inpatient care. Over the course of the next month, she was monitored closely by myself and other staff members. On June 1, 2015, she was discharged from our care into the care of her Primary Physician, Dr. April Williams.

  467. Eliyah Diggs was seen at Brooklyn Hospitpal Emergency Room for severe headaches and should not return to work until 9-9-2015

  468. Jordan Jenovino has streptococcal pharyngitis (Strep Throat). I have prescribed amoxicillin and having him rest. He is allowed back to work on Thursday, September 10th or later.

  469. Bianca Cordova took her son Ariston Ruth to Kool Kids Pediactrics on September. 7th @ 11:00 a.m. Please excuse her from missing a day of work. -Thank you, Kool Kids Pediactrics.

  470. John Mejicanos had a fever and streptococcal pharngitis that did not allow him to go to school on 09/03/15.

    From Flushing, New York

  471. Deja Chatman excused for a physical on Thursday, Septemeber 9th, 2015.
    email is NEED IT ASAP PLS

  472. Ben needs to be excused from work for 30 days as part of his ongoing medical treatment beginning on September 21st, 2015. He will be able to return to his full duties once this treatment is complete.


  473. Adriana has strep throat and needs to be excused from work on september 9th 2015
    simi valley California

  474. Please I need one to keep my job. I need a excuse done by tonight if possible, dates range from08/29/2015 to 09/9/2015. Please help me

  475. D’Andre Randles, excuse from work, severe back pain, 09/08/15-09/10/15. He may return to work with no limitations.

  476. I need a doctors note for 09/03/15 saying “Alyssa Sevilla contracted a mild case of strep throat and has been givin medical treatment and advised to rest until she has reached a ful recovery” in Chicago, IL

  477. I need a doctors note saying I cannot do physical activity that will increase my heart rate due to stomach flu for tomorrow and friday. 09/10/15 and 09/11/15, for school.
    Perris, CA 92571

  478. Please excuse James Dennis from work Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 due to a Root Canal operation.
    Thank You,
    Dr. Wheeler

  479. I need a medical note. I forgot to get one. I was off Tuesday- Thurs. Sept. 8-10. Got a benign tumor/limp removed in belanova hospital in Rosarito, Mexico but I live in La pUente ca. Please send asap storres908@yahoo.con

  480. i was seen on July 23 for a physical and because of my irregular heart beat i needed to get rest and not work night audit for a while, now that im doing better i may resume to work with no limitations.

  481. Pilar Barragan was admitted and hospitalized at Barnes Jewish Hospital of St.Peters for signs of a kidney infection. Recommendations of fluids and antibiotics for the next 3 days. Beginning on 09/11/2015 till 09/13/2015. She is to refrain from extraneous activities. If you experience vomiting, dizziness or extreme pain after please contact your primary physician or closest emergency room.

  482. Lindsay Duncan is excused from work from 9/8/15 thru 9/10/15 patient had conjunctivitis and will no longer be contagious. Bridgeport ct office

  483. Charlene Shaw was seen in my office on 9/10/15 for hypertension with symptoms of nausea and headaches. Please excuse her from work on the following dates of 9/9/15 through 9/11/15. Patient should return to work as scheduled with no restrictions.

    Maria Medical Center: Maria Josette MD
    711 Susan Tart Rd
    Dunn, North Carolina

  484. Jonathan Munk has been diagnosed with anxiety. It is strongly recommended that he be allowed to keep a pet in his home . His Dog, Stark, has been certified as a companion dog to help Jonathan cope with his anxiety. Please allow the dog to be live at his residence in order to help him cope with the anxiety.

  485. I need a doctor’s note saying that i could not make it to work on Friday the 11 of September 2015 due to a skin lesion that she got lanced.

  486. Im pregnant and had to go to the hospital twice to stop my pregnancy and my.boss is still making me work

  487. I need a doctors note for work, severe sinus infections and migraines. 9/12/15-9/13/15. located in columbia, MD

  488. I need a doctors note excusing me on 9/13/15 saying I can’t return back until 9/15/15 due to stomach virus

  489. Eric Green was seen at concentra due to work injury please excuse him on
    9/8/15 the day of this appointment

  490. Reagan had a death in family, very tramatic for child. Reagan is to be resting , No high level play. NO loud noises , lots of rest!
    Please excuse Reagan from
    9-4-15 to Monday 9-11-15

  491. Return for work. Due to vomiting, fever and diarrhea. Clinic located at Navotas City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

  492. Please excuse Miranda Perez on 9/14/15 due to her strong menstrual pains today. Okay to return to school next appointment.

  493. excuse my absence on 6/15/15, stomach related pain. Most importantly i need a legitimate looking stamp from a doctor.

  494. I live in Rio Rancho, NM.
    Please excuse for September 13, 2015. Had asthma related problems because of seasonal allergies.

  495. Ejona Alibali was seen at my office on 09/14/2015 for stomach pains and vomiting. Was discharged from Urgent Care in Kaiser Permenente in Tyson’s Corner, Vienna.

  496. I need a doctor’s excuse for Ma’ Joya Jones 9/14/2015 to return to school 9/14/2015. From Best Care Pediatrics 490 Plaza 10 Dr. #100 Beaumont, Tx 77702. Seen Rafiq, Shahid MD (409) 212-8449.

  497. Keeon was was at methodist hospital for his grandmother patrisa lowe who had a coma. Please excuse him

  498. Out of work due Acute Sinus and Bronchial Infections September 15th through September 17th, 2015. No light work necessary.

  499. Amy Miller was seen on Thursday 9/10/2015. She was running a fever and tested positive for the flu. She was put on bed rest for the next 2 days.

  500. Amy Miller was seen on Thursday 9/10/2015. She was running a fever and tested positive for the flu. She was put on bed rest for the next 2 days

  501. Was unable to attend work on Sept 16th 2015 due to previous illness. Type C streptococcal pharyngitis

  502. 9/16/2015

    Jennifer Cruz was seen today at Bronx Lebanon emergency room due to her high blood sugar levels which is why she has been excused from work she may return to work 9/17/2015 .

  503. Hello I need a Dr. Note saying that I was seen in the ER on Tuesday September 15 2015 brought in via ambulance from a car accident with slight contusion to the head from the accident. NO stitches were needed. She also suffered whiplash and muscle strain to neck and shoulders. She will need to rest for 2-4 days. May return to light duty no earlier than Thursday September 17, 2015 or may continue leave through Friday September 18, 2015 returning to work on Saturday September 19, 2015, to light duty no lifting or standing for long periods of time (more than 30 minutes at a time alternating sitting to standing intervals) be aware that due to head injuries Rachel may expierence “dizzy spells” and/or fainting, if this does happen please advise that she will need to return to the ER promptly.
    Thank you.

  504. Jeremy needs to be kept in a cool climate in order to keep his asthma and eczema in check. His skin acts up if he is exposed to humid, hot temperatures for long periods of time, which also coincides with his astma.

  505. Alexandra was sick with symptoms of the flu. she is dismissed from work on September 17 and will return to work on September 18.

  506. Austin, TX
    Louis was suffering from a low-grade fever, accompanied by chest congestion and cough. Louis should return to work on 9/18/2015.

  507. Chicago, IL, Christen is suffering from bronchitis and will need to be on antibiotics, Christen will need to be excused from work on Septemeber 16,2015 and shall return September 18th

  508. Advised to stay home and rest due to food poisoning and vomiting. 2 to 3 days no physical activiaty

    seen 9/15/15

  509. Dizziness/dehydration. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water, no physical activities for at least today.

  510. Justice was seen in office 9/17/15, she is showing signs of Influenza A. Please excuse her from work 9/18/15. May return Monday 09/21/15.

  511. Mara is excused from work for the 17th and 18th of September. Due to daughter being sick with ear infection and fever. Dal, Tx

  512. Gerald ahad a ru nning stomach and a stomach ache-please excuse from test Friday 6.20pm Sept 18th Grahamstown,South Africa.

  513. Alex is showing Signs of Influenza and the stomach flu, also vomiting and high fever along with a head ache(virus)”influenza”

  514. Need to be excused for work on September 18th and can return to work on September 19th. Sick throwing up. Fort smith arkansas

  515. Austin was diagnosed with pink eye in Orlando, Florida by Dr. Clement. He will need to be excused from work on 9/15/15-9/16/15.

  516. Strong Migraine headaches and vomit. She was in my Office on May 15th, 2015 and will be off of work from May 14th to May 19th, 2015

  517. Daren Portillo was seen on 9/19/2015 at well stars for headaches and continuous dizziness. Please excuse him from work and will be able to return on 9/20/2015

  518. is excused from work on Sept 19, 2015 and is able to return to work Sept 21, 2015 dental office 202 E Main St, Mason, OH 45040
    (513) 398-4448

  519. Maria came in Saturday morning with a minor fever and temperature of 103. Please excuse her from work on 9-19-15.

  520. Excused from work Friday September 18th, 2015 due to consistent vomiting , dehydration and sever abdomen pain , also was admitted into the hospital overnight but is able to go back to work Sunday September 20th , 2015.