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Fake Doctor’s Note – Everything You Need to Know

Fake Doctor’s Note – Everything You Need to Know published on

How do you get a doctor’s note without seeing a doctor personally?

This job isn’t always easy

The usual way to get a medical note is to visit your doctor’s office and make a request for it. But you might need to pay a big amount. Also, if you’re busy, you might not want to spend your time to go to the clinic.

As an alternative, you can choose from two options. One, you could get your needed note from a virtual doctor.  Sadly, this is not easily obtained because these services won’t just hand you what you need.  It’s a serious responsibility for a doctor to issue a note without seeing the patient personally. You can also read a great article on fake doctor’s notes here.

Second, you could choose an online provider to obtain a doctor’s note. But don’t go for a free source as many people use these free doctors’ notes. Employers and professors are so familiar with the looks of these notes.  Most won’t accept these notes because they don’t look real and lack the vital elements of a real doctor’s notes.

Is it all right to use a free printable doctor’s excuse for work?

Nope. This is not a good idea at all. Please refer to the previous answer for more information.

Can I use a free fill in the blank doctor’s note? Do you know where to obtain one?

It has already been mentioned above that it’s not recommended to use free doctors’ notes. But you might want to consider the option to customize a free note. To do this, you to need to avail a premium doctor’s note from a reputable provider like  You can easily use Microsoft Word to edit these customizable notes.

Will using a doctor’s note for work be considered against the law?

It’s interesting to note that using a doctor’s note using fictional information may not be considered illegal. But, if you use the personal information of a real doctor to fill in a note, it is going to be considered illegal. So be careful when using these medical instruments. It is best that you consult a lawyer first.

Where can I get a Kaiser Permanenete / Minute Clinic / Patient First doctor’s note when I need one?

You need to go directly to the particular provider and request for the note you need. But, if there’s no way for you to do this, for one reason or another, using a premium doctor’s note might work. Simply purchase these customizable notes (from e.g. and add the logos of the provider on top.  Take note that you can be penalized by law when using notes that mimic the information of real life institutions (see previous answer).  So, be sure that when you do this, it is just between you and your friends or family.

Why can’t I use free printable doctor’s note for work?

It was mentioned earlier that it’s not good to use free notes.  The main reason for this is the widespread use of these free printables. So, for sure, employers and professors have been presented with these notes many times. They can tell notes that are faked at first glance.  If I were you, I won’t risk it.

Do you think it’s all right to use a DIY doctor’s note?

It is very possible to make your own doctor’s note. But in order to create a very realistic one, start out by getting a real doctor’s note or one that you can get from a premium provider first. Then, you can use that as a model for the notes you need to make next time. It would be easier now for you to add certain elements of a note including the logo, watermark, signature and even the stamp. While many doctors do not have all these elements in their notes, adding them can make your copy more convincing.

Can I get a doctor’s note without insurance? How?

It’s possible to get a medical note apart from any insurance in three ways. First is by purchasing a fake doctor’s note online. Second is by consulting a real online doctor and requesting a note. Third is by going to a doctor’s office personally. But, expect to shell out on expensive fees with this third option.

What are the steps to get a doctor’s note for work?

Here are the steps to obtain a medical note for work. First, find a quality premium doctor’s note provider. is one of the few quality providers you can find in the market. After choosing a provider, the next step is to purchase the product and download it.  Then, you can choose the note that best suits your need and edit it using your computer. You can submit this note via email or fax. Alternatively, you can print it out and submit it in person.

If you want to submit a note without worries, don’t use a free note. An additional tip is to keep the medical restrictions in your note vague. You can rarely find a real note that says a lot about the ailment or reason for seeing the doctor.

How can I get a real doctor’s note for school?

You have to visit a doctor and ask if he can issue you a doctor’s note. Tell him that you had a stomach bug or a flu (or some ailment you can think of) and did not go to school for a few days. Now, you need a medical certificate to present to your school upon returning to class.

If the doctor refrains from issuing a doctor’s note, an option is to find an online doctor who can provide you what you need. It is not that easy to get a note from an online doctor, but you could certainly explore this option.

Lastly, if the first two options did not work, you can get a fake note. If you look at the fake notes provided by some of the quality providers, they look much like regular notes. The ones created by actually look more real when placed side by side with real notes.

What do I need to make a fake medical certificate online?

Some providers of fake notes online allow you to edit the document prior to downloading.  After filling out the information you need on the notes, you will be prompted to send payment before proceeding to download.  This is just fair, of course. But in my opinion, these sites are just one level up the sites that offer free printable doctors’ notes.  It is still quite risky to use these services because many people use them.

If you want the best doctor’s notes, look for services that offer downloadable Microsoft Word documents. With these, you have full control in editing the content to make the medical certificate quite convincing. All you need is a desktop computer and a printer.

What is a “verifiable doctor’s note” and where can you get one?

A “verifiable doctor’s note” is a special kind of note you can get from certain providers. This comes with a phone number and an answering service that appears to be a real medical office.  You can get this kind of note from Some online sites also offer this phone answering service. But be careful when you hire someone to do this.

Is it better to have a doctor’s note PDF? Why?

PDF documents look professional and visually appealing. But, it is better to get doctor’s notes in Microsoft Word format. These are fully editable unlike PDFs that have limited editability.

Are doctors’ notes for missing work often used by many people?

A survey at provides an answer to this question. The top common reason why many people get a note is missing work. The second is missing school. After missing some days at work or school, a note is necessary upon return. It isn’t needed to present a note prior to missing the days, but after the days are missed.

Is there any fake doctor’s note generator available somewhere?

I’m sorry but I  do not have this information. If ever there is such a thing as a doctor’s note generator, where you can input some information and it will generate a note, I’d be wary of using this. This generator would probably be available on free sites, which many people have access to. It can be risky to use such notes. Your best bet is to pay a small fee to purchase downloadable notes and edit them using Microsoft word.

I have a friend who used free printable fake doctors’ notes and he was caught. How come he was caught?

Using free printable medical notes carries the risk of being caught as mentioned earlier. Your friend is just one among the many people who already got into trouble because of this. So, let me reiterate the warning that you should not use free notes at all.

Is it safe to download a free fake doctor’s note template that I can just fill in the blanks?

It’s very easy to find many free sites that will allow you to do this. You can just download, edit and print out the notes you need. But, it is not safe to do this. You will be at risk of getting caught by your bosses or professors who can easily identify fake notes.

The only way to get a document that you can safely use is to avail the services of a premium provider.

How to Make a Fake Doctors Note to Free Yourself from Work

How to Make a Fake Doctors Note to Free Yourself from Work published on 67 Comments on How to Make a Fake Doctors Note to Free Yourself from Work

Do you need a fake doctor’s not to get a small vacation from work or school? I know that dental visits and oral surgeries are guaranteed to give you anywhere from one to three days off. Dental visits could have you drooling due to the numbness in your face; no one wants to be working with someone that cannot control their salivary glands. Oral Surgery means that the doctor may have prescribed you with narcotics for the pain and your boss cannot do anything with a lethargic employee.

If you feel that you need a mini vacation, or you are trying to skip the semi-annual business meeting, obtaining a fake doctor’s note can be easier than you think. Now what would make this harmless plot even more attractive? If you did not have to pay a copay for a doctor’s office visit and run the risk of not getting your doctor’s note. This is where you can possibly find legitimate templates for doctor’s notes and your boss won’t know the difference.

What You Accomplish on Your Mini Vacation

What harm could this do to anyone? You will be granting your much needed vacation from work or school and your boss/coworkers will not have to deal with a disgruntled person throughout the day. This is a win-win for everyone.

Just think of what you could do with a little time to yourself. You could:

– Go shopping

– Sleep for ridiculous amounts of hours

– Play video games non-stop

– Attend that concert that you have known about for six months

– Go skydiving

– Partake in the Running of the Bulls

These activities and much more could be accomplished. I would recommend; however, is that you do your planning in advance. This will allow you to have everything planned and then the last piece of the puzzle would be to get the doctor’s note to put everything into motion.


You have to remember that if you are going to do this, you need to stick with it. No backing down or chickening out. Once the note is in with your boss you need to forget about what your conscience is telling you, if you have a conscience, and do not second guess yourself. This is where things could start to smell fishy to your boss or coworkers.
Once you start….Commit to it! There is nothing worse than getting caught utilizing a fake doctor’s note to avoid work or school. Keep your wits and keep your mouth shut. Do not let anyone in on your little secret.

Also, do not partake in any activities within a fifty mile radius of your county. You do not want to, or cannot afford, to run into to anyone that knows you or knows anyone affiliated to your work or school. Keeping your distance from the immediate area of your residence is key. There are a few extra “buffer” miles if you stick to the fifty mile radius rule.

Returning to Work

When returning to work, look a little miserable. Not too miserable (especially after a few days of being off work). You want your situation to be believable. You don’t want that one coworker that hates you, and pays attention to everything you do to catch on. With this being said, stay away from social media posts. If it is unlike you to be off-line, that is fine. Just post about how terrible you are feeling and how much your head, mouth or whatever your ailment was at the time. Also check out this page:

Examples of Fake Doctors Notes

Using a Fake Hospital Note to Discharge from Work?

Using a Fake Hospital Note to Discharge from Work? published on

If you are thinking about using a hospital note to take some time off work you need to read this article first. If you do it right, it will get you some much needed free time. If you don’t do it right, you will have too much free time which you will be using to find another job. This is your free insider view of how to use a fake hospital note to take off work.

The key to pulling this off is believeability. First you want to find a template for your note. There are plenty of free sources of templates online, but you get what you pay for. The price of purchasing a quality hospital note is nothing compared to the cost of getting caught and loosing your job. You will want to do some research to find a template that fits your needs.

One of the things you will want to consider when looking for a quality hospital note template is the name of the hospital and the doctor. You want to make sure the names are believable. Some notes are sold as novelty items. You will want to steer clear of these for obvious reasons. You also want to find one that provides an address close to your area. If you live in a small town, you will need one that is fully customizeable because your employer will know if the hospital on your note doesn’t exist in your area.

Will your employer call the number on your note and see if you were actually there? Let’s face it some employers are easier to work for or even fool then others. If you think your employer will actually call the number on your note you can pay for a service where someone will actually answer the number and back up your story.

Another thing to consider is what sort of “illness” you want to have. You will need to take into consideration things like how much time off you want and the time of year. Having the flu may get you a week off of work, but it may not work too well in August. The great thing about using a hospital note instead of a doctors note is that it opens up more possibilities. You can have an emergency stomach virus that just lasts a few days, or a severe sprain that lasts for a week or two. You can also be involved in a car accident and take as much time as you want based on how severe your injuries are. Just make sure to let everyone know you were riding with a friend. Otherwise you may have some questions about your car being fine when you go back to work.

If you do decide you need an emergency hospital visit, make sure you do a little planning beforehand. It may even be a good idea to have a template and a game plan in place ahead of time for when that “It’s one of those days” bug does hit you. If you already have your plan in place it will be much easier to execute on short notice. If you want to read about about acquiring a great doctor’s note, check out our home page.

You might also want to check out this page on templates: