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How to use a Doctor’s Excuse / Return to Work From

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It has happened to the best of us: you left the office for one reason or another, took too long, and now you are returning to your job with no viable reason for having been gone for so long. The reasons one can have for being away from the office for too long are numerous: maybe you ran into someone you know and got caught up for too long in conversation. Maybe you had errands to run while on your lunch break and they ended up taking longer than you originally anticipated. Regardless for the cause, most worker at one point or another have found themselves returning to places of employment after absences of conspicuous length, with either reasons for such an absence that may not be accepted by a supervisor, or else no reason at all.
Of course, for anyone who has been in such a situation, the only thing on their mind is how to deal with returning to work without getting disciplined or fired. for people in such a position, the options amount to essentially the following:

  • Say nothing and hope no one notices
  • Rely on the mercy of your boss or supervisor
  • Provide a fail safe excuse

Obviously, of the above options, the third one is the best with no contest. But, if it was as easy as simply choosing to provide a fail safe excuse to co-workers and supervisors, then of course there would be no need for this article. So at this point, the worker in hot water is generally reduced to thinking of what excuse he or she can present to anyone who may ask that would be accepted without question and without negative consequence. The complete list of what the worker can come up with to fulfill such a requirement generally looks something like this:

That is where this article comes in to help: what is the one reason one can give for missing work that will never be questioned, and cannot result in any sort of negative consequences? That’s right: A note from a doctor.
A doctor’s note will get the holder out of almost any responsibility with no question. Of course, at this point the reader may be thinking but I didn’t go to the doctor, where will I be able to find a doctor’s note to excuse me? Any reader with such thoughts need not worry. Obtaining a note from a doctor online is easier than one may think. The internet has no shortage of novelty doctor’s notes that nonetheless with be accepted by any number of bosses or supervisors and excuse the presenting worker from any and all missed work. How does one go about getting such a note, you ask? The steps could not be easier:

  • Simply type “novelty doctor’s note” into your search engine of choice
  • Find in the results a site that looks reputable enough for the user to trust (despite the amount that may be out there, the sites that provide elite quality are generally immediately noticeable).
  • use the site of your choice to quickly and easily acquire a doctor’s note that, while novelty, will nonetheless be accepted by whoever you need it to be as a legitimate and valid reason for your missed work time

It’s really that easy. Missing more work than you expected to does not make you a bad worker, and a novelty doctor’s note allows you to return without negative consequences you do not deserve to bring on. To learn more on doctor’s notes, look here. You can also read our template article over here.