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How to Make a Fake Doctors Note to Free Yourself from Work

How to Make a Fake Doctors Note to Free Yourself from Work published on 67 Comments on How to Make a Fake Doctors Note to Free Yourself from Work

Do you need a fake doctor’s not to get a small vacation from work or school? I know that dental visits and oral surgeries are guaranteed to give you anywhere from one to three days off. Dental visits could have you drooling due to the numbness in your face; no one wants to be working with someone that cannot control their salivary glands. Oral Surgery means that the doctor may have prescribed you with narcotics for the pain and your boss cannot do anything with a lethargic employee.

If you feel that you need a mini vacation, or you are trying to skip the semi-annual business meeting, obtaining a fake doctor’s note can be easier than you think. Now what would make this harmless plot even more attractive? If you did not have to pay a copay for a doctor’s office visit and run the risk of not getting your doctor’s note. This is where you can possibly find legitimate templates for doctor’s notes and your boss won’t know the difference.

What You Accomplish on Your Mini Vacation

What harm could this do to anyone? You will be granting your much needed vacation from work or school and your boss/coworkers will not have to deal with a disgruntled person throughout the day. This is a win-win for everyone.

Just think of what you could do with a little time to yourself. You could:

– Go shopping

– Sleep for ridiculous amounts of hours

– Play video games non-stop

– Attend that concert that you have known about for six months

– Go skydiving

– Partake in the Running of the Bulls

These activities and much more could be accomplished. I would recommend; however, is that you do your planning in advance. This will allow you to have everything planned and then the last piece of the puzzle would be to get the doctor’s note to put everything into motion.


You have to remember that if you are going to do this, you need to stick with it. No backing down or chickening out. Once the note is in with your boss you need to forget about what your conscience is telling you, if you have a conscience, and do not second guess yourself. This is where things could start to smell fishy to your boss or coworkers.
Once you start….Commit to it! There is nothing worse than getting caught utilizing a fake doctor’s note to avoid work or school. Keep your wits and keep your mouth shut. Do not let anyone in on your little secret.

Also, do not partake in any activities within a fifty mile radius of your county. You do not want to, or cannot afford, to run into to anyone that knows you or knows anyone affiliated to your work or school. Keeping your distance from the immediate area of your residence is key. There are a few extra “buffer” miles if you stick to the fifty mile radius rule.

Returning to Work

When returning to work, look a little miserable. Not too miserable (especially after a few days of being off work). You want your situation to be believable. You don’t want that one coworker that hates you, and pays attention to everything you do to catch on. With this being said, stay away from social media posts. If it is unlike you to be off-line, that is fine. Just post about how terrible you are feeling and how much your head, mouth or whatever your ailment was at the time. Also check out this page:

Examples of Fake Doctors Notes