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Why Using a Fake Dr. Note Template for Free = Bad Idea

8 Comments on Why Using a Fake Dr. Note Template for Free = Bad Idea

Are you feeling under the weather? But not sick enough to go to school or work? Here are legit 8 reasons to skip work or school with a free dr.’s note is a horrible idea:

Reason 1: Free fake dr. notes are usually easy to identify as fake and will get you in trouble. It could lead to suspension from school or release from the job.

Reason 2: Free fake dr. notes can cause a student to be expelled, depending on the regulations of the school in question. This could lead to difficulty to finding another school.

Reason 3: Take control of your life. We all know that we can’t function when we are sick but how about if you can’t travel to your doctor for a dr.’s note? In exchange for the money you would use the commute to go to the doctor, think about using that same money to get an error-free and a 100% satisfaction guarantee fake dr.’s note.

Reason 4: Excessive absences can definitely hurt your wages, especially when they are unexcused. Free dr. notes can prevent the absences to affect your wages and your boss will not be inclined to fire you.

Reason 5: A doctor’s note usually has a letterhead on it and a watermark or logo. Free fake dr.’s notes miss those important details to seem authentic. Be confident that your source can duplicate a note that you would get from a doctor.

Reason 6: Do you have expensive health insurance? Too many of us have insurance that makes us hesitant to go to the doctor and see the medical bill by the end of the month. It is tempting to get the free dr.’s note to save money but you will also save money by buying a quality fake dr.’s note and sleep better at home knowing that your note will not get you in trouble.

Reason 7: Compare a free fake dr.’s note and a sample from a reputable online company. You will find a significant difference in quality and you see that paying for a fake dr.’s note will be worth it. Stay home to not catch germs from your co-workers.

Reason 8: What if you need to see family or go to a political rally? Both are important excuses to skip work, would your boss understand why you are taking time off? Probably not. A quality fake dr.’s note will be just as reputable as your reason for missing out on work.

The online companies that sell fake dr.’s notes offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. A free fake dr.’s note can’t beat that!