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Why Using Free Dr Slips to Return to Work is a Bad Idea

When you have to give a solid reason for your absence, make sure that it’s really “solid”. Never use a free excuse slip. There are many reasons for this:

  • A free excuse will look sloppy
    An excuse that is free will not look like it was truly put together by a doctor’s office. You can make sure that your note is neat and free of errors by purchasing one instead of trying to acquire a generic excuse from a knockoff “free” excuse store.
  • You will not get it for “free,” really.
    By getting a free excuse, you just don’t have to pay any money up front. You may actually have to pay later on if you want to keep using the service. You will also be required to pay for the shipping on the note, which is sometimes more than a note would be from a quality excuse store.
  • Doctor’s Excuses are DI-Don’ts. Think you can just do your doctor’s note yourself and get it over with? Think again. Even if you have the best word processing system available, you will still likely not be able to get your note to match up to those at your doctor’s office. This is one DIY project you should never attempt, no matter how good your skills are.
  • You like your job, right? Sort of, at least.
    Handing in a fake note is fraud. You can get in big trouble with not only your boss, but with the company. Most companies will fire people on the spot when they find they have a fake note. By using a free one, your employer will be able to find out much easier.
  • We know you value your freedom.
    Fraud. A fake note is fraud. This can sometimes mean criminal charges brought against you. Losing your job is one thing, but losing your freedom is another. Save yourself the risk of going to jail by getting a fake note that is very legitimate looking.
  • Paying is always worth it.
    When you have to pay a little more up front, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Using a free note will not only risk your job, but can also lead to viruses and your computer becoming compromised as a result of the free fake note site. This can cost you a lot of money to fix and you may not know how much damage it could truly cause. Save yourself the grief and just pay for a fake note when you call off of work.
  • An employer can recognize a free note.
    Most employers have been around the block a few times. They have seen a lot and it is almost guaranteed that they have seen and punished people for fake doctor’s notes in the past. A free note often comes with the same format, no matter what information you have put into it. Make sure that your employer doesn’t catch on to your free note by simply not using one. You never know when he or she could have seen one of those before. Check out our homepage to learn more about fake doctors notes.
  • Save yourself the embarrassment.
    Along with all of the other issues that could be detrimental when you use a fake note, it is downright embarrassing for your employer to catch you. By using a free note, you will look like you did not even take the time or effort to call off right. Your employer may only be looking to expose your free note, but in the process you will be very embarrassed. If you need dr. notes, go to our home page.